3 Things to Do Immediately After a House Fire

3 Things to Do Immediately After a House Fire

House fires aren’t the sexiest thing to talk about, but sometimes they happen.  If you are a house owner, being prepared with the right information on what you need to do is important.  In the unfortunate event that your house is gutted down by a fire, here are three things you must do immediately to try and remediate the situation:

Call your insurance agent immediately

Contractors and public adjusters will be on your neck all day long trying to give you a deal on bringing your house back to its feet, but these are the wrong people to talk to. Get in touch immediately with your insurance agent and begin discussing the available options before anything else.

Call for after fire cleaning services

The first step towards regaining normalcy in your home after a fire is to have everything cleaned up so your place can become habitable once again. This is why the first service provider you need to call after a fire disaster is an after fire cleaning service to come and begin the process of clearing the mess. Only after that will you be able to assess the extent of the damage and decide if you will be calling for restoration services.

Separate the damaged property from the undamaged property

With the help of an after fire cleaning crew, separate the damaged property from the undamaged property as this will be vital for the insurance company who will need a detailed inventory of all the items to assess the loss. In this list, you should indicate clearly when you bought the item, its cost, the brand, the model, serial number etc. Be as detailed as possible so that the insurance company can have an actual picture of the items, for the purposes of offering you compensation.