After Construction Cleanup: What to clean after the work is done?

After Construction Cleanup: What to clean after the work is done?

When the construction work is over, the next phase is the after construction cleaning to make the premises ready for occupation or business. This is not your ordinary cleaning because it doesn’t involve ordinary dirt. To get the best results after the final construction, you have to know what to clean and how to clean it. This is how you will manage to leave stellar results without causing any damages to the newly constructed or newly refurbished home. Here is a brief look at where you should focus your cleaning once the contractors pack their bags.

Removing the contractor leftovers

After a construction project, contractors are likely to leave behind construction items such as drop cloths, tapes, plastic wraps, screws, staples, nails, bolts, etc. The post construction cleaning in Montreal should start with removing any of the debris that the contractor might have left behind. This will reduce potential accidents and injuries during the actual cleaning, and will also pave the way for you to clean smoothly.

Hard floors

Hard floors will always look scary after construction, and cleaning them properly is essential to give the house the glow it deserves. There are various approaches you can take towards making the floors look sleek and beautiful. In most cases, you may have to start by mopping the floors with water and a suitable detergent, then waxing, polishing, and buffing for the final look. If you are dealing with special floor types, such as wooden floors, then you should leave the cleaning to after construction cleaning experts, especially if you don’t know how to do it the correct way.

Walls and baseboards

Walls and baseboards also require great attention during post construction cleaning in Montreal. Check these carefully to see if they may need patching and repainting. If all is good, clean them with a mixture of water and dishwasher detergent. Be gentle so that you don’t introduce unnecessary scratches or marks to the wall.

Windows and mirrors

The window is vital for that final sparkle after construction. Dingy windows and mirrors will do nothing but make the home look terrible. Following construction, the best way to bring the windows back to life is by cleaning them using a heavy-duty glass cleaning product. Start by cleaning them from the top while you work your way to the bottom, then rinse and repeat until you get the results you want. This is also the time to dust the lights and the bulbs.

HVAC and interior system

Construction projects are characterized by lots of dust, and this is not good for the health of your HVAC and other interior systems. Due to the nature of these systems, it is recommended that you call for post construction cleaning experts to help you with this. You could do it, but you may not have the tools or knowledge to carefully remove construction debris and dust from the components of the system.