Benefits of Hoarder Cleaning & Hoarding Removal Services

Benefits of Hoarder Cleaning & Hoarding Removal Services

According to the Mayo Clinic, an organization committed to clinical practice, education, and research, hoarding disorder is “a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them.” A hoarder will become distressed when thinking about disposing of the items, regardless of their actual value, leading to an excessive accumulation of possessions. This can lead to safety concerns, such as injuries due to shifting or falling items; health concerns due to unsanitary conditions; as well as fire hazards.

Hoarding also creates family conflicts. Family members who live with a hoarder may experience emotional distress, as may family members who do not live with a hoarder.

It can be extremely beneficial to both hoarders, and to relatives of hoarders, to remove excessive possessions from the household. The best means of doing so is to rely on professional hoarder cleaning services and junk removal services. We will explore the main benefits that these services provide.

Benefit #1: Utilization of Advanced Techniques

Professional firms have the knowledge of advanced techniques, which help in the completion of work in the right manner, to achieve optimum sanitation levels.

For example, experts make use of ATP tests to determine whether infectious materials are present in the home.

An ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through the detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

ATP is released by living organisms and if ATP molecules are found in a home, this clearly indicates that there is a cellular activity in the hoarder’s home.

ATP testing is a comprehensive way to monitor and sanitize surfaces. Results indicate whether a surface needs to be cleaned again, or if other cleaning methods must be used.

ATP testing is a proven sanitation tool that is commonplace in modern hospitals, an environment with the strictest sanitation standards.

This testing method is especially useful for cleaning the homes of food hoarders, particularly meat products. As we know, meat spoils after a while, even when properly refrigerated. If remnants are not properly cleaned, an unpleasant odor will linger and health hazards will abound. ATP testing allows for the proper identification of such remnants and is essential in ensuring that proper cleanup is achieved.

Benefit #2: Use of Correct Cleaning Agents

Cleaning teams have all the required equipment to clean a cluttered and unsanitary home. The first thing a team of professionals will do is survey the premises and locate any waste. After disposing of such waste, they will disinfect and sterilize the home using specialized equipment. Every surface will be thoroughly treated.

Professionals are well-aware of cleaning agents which would prove to be effective in killing pathogens that are commonly present in things like blood and fecal matter.

The use of these cleaning agents helps experts in ensuring that the hoarder’s home becomes completely decontaminated and disinfected after the clean-up is complete.

Again, here we stress how important it is to rely on professional cleaning teams as the layperson lacks the expertise in choosing appropriate cleaning solutions. A surface that appears clean to the naked eye may, in fact, be rife with remaining bacteria. These bacteria will multiply and spread, posing increasingly severe health hazards to those in the home.

Benefit #3: Coordination with Other Groups

In many cases, hoarders live in homes where access is limited, such as assisted living facilities. In such instances, it becomes necessary during hoarding cleaning in Montreal, to coordinate with home care and legal groups. This may pose a challenge to the average person, who has no experience with such matters.

It can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, and create a great deal of confusion and stress. For one faced with the already daunting experiences of coping with a family member who hoards and oversees a major cleanup, it is ideal to eliminate any stressful steps.

Thus, it is best to leave such coordinating efforts to professional hoarding cleanup teams. They have experience in how to interact with all the involved groups, so that work can be completed in the right manner.

Benefit #4: Trace Out all the Hazards

Professionals have the expertise to quickly trace out any type of hazard that exists in a hoarder’s house. Some common hazards that are found in a hoarder’s house include:

  • Trip & fall hazard
  • Sanitary code violations
  • Fire hazard
  • Health hazard
  • Safety hazard

Benefit #5: Provides Reassurance

Any major change in one’s life carries a great deal of discomfort, and hoarders experiencing an extreme transformation of their living environment tend to become uneasy. Professional hoarder cleaning and removal teams are used to this reaction and are able to provide compassion and reassurance during the cleaning process. They are able to communicate clearly with the hoarder, or the hoarder’s family members, and assure them that all personal possessions being retained will be handled carefully.


Thoroughly cleaning the household of a hoarder is an exhausting process, and one best left to professional hoarder cleanup and removal teams. They are well-versed in the process, and have the necessary equipment to carry it out successfully and efficiently.

If you are considering calling for cleaning help for hoarders, opt for professional services. Not only will doing so result in a completely clean, safe, and sanitary environment, it will also reduce family conflict. If you are looking for the best hoarding cleaning services, you can call the KBS Maintenance team right away!