Black Mold Removal – A Task Best Left for Experts

Black Mold Removal – A Task Best Left for Experts

An Insight into the Harmful Effects of Black Mold and its Removal Process

Stachybotrys Chartarum (or black mold) can be seen as blackish green blemishes or spots on cellulose-rich and moist surfaces, such as gypsum board, drywall, and fiberboard. It also results in a musty odor. It survives well in humid conditions, and as such, you will find it growing around leaking pipes, in flooded houses, and in other locations of a house that has suffered water damage.

If you have noticed black mold growing in your home, then immediately give us a call so that we can effectively decontaminate and disinfect the areas where black mold growth is seen.

All types of mold are dangerous, and should never be ignored. The black kind, in particular deserves more attention, because it is one of the most dangerous strains. You will mostly see it in basements where there is high humidity or moisture and darkness. It can also propagate in rooms where there is an ongoing water leakage problem. If you discover an infestation, do not panic, but be sure to clean and remove it immediately.

Harmful Effects of Black Mold

  • Damages things it grows on.
  • Mycotoxins released by black mold aggravate respiratory allergies, immune system disorders, and so on.
  • People also experience itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, laborious breathing, nausea, and severe coughing due to the presence of black mold in the house.
  • If someone is suffering from asthma or pulmonary diseases, then such mold growth proves to be especially harmful to them.
  • Black mold can also result in eye and skin irritations.

The dangers of black mold

This type of mold is not poisonous in itself, but it releases a chemical known as mycotoxins, which can cause lethal respiratory problems. As it grows, it causes more of this chemical, hence continuing to endanger the health of your family members. Once inhaled, and it accesses the inside of the body, it can cause very serious health concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Lethargy
  • Memory loss
  • Rashes
  • Skin inflammation
  • Suppression of the immune system
  • Hemorrhage and sometimes, death

What to do when you have a black mold infestation

Irrespective of the type of mold infestation, immediate removal is imperative. You should have in mind that even the harmless strains can provide a good breeding ground for black mold.

Many people have the habit of using chlorine bleach for mold cleaning, but this is not a very effective method from a professional point of view. Sometimes using chlorine may make matters worse by introducing more moisture into the affected areas, and this may cause the growth to recur. Additionally, this type of cleaning may cause the pores to spread, thus causing respiratory problems, and spreading the growth to other areas.

The best way to go about black mold cleanup, is to hire the services of professional mold cleaners. They have a variety of mold cleaning chemicals and methodologies at their disposal, and once they do the job, there are very slim chances of a regrowth occurring, compared to when you do the cleaning on your own.

Why us for black mold removal?

If mold has spread onto a large area in your home, then it will be better to utilize our professional expertise in getting rid of the problem. Some of the reasons to hire us for mold removal include:

  • We have the required experience and competency to identify all the locations where mold infestation has occurred. We will be utilizing advanced equipment to trace out the hidden mold as well as dormant spores to ensure the complete removal of mold problems from your home.
  • Our experts utilize their experience to decide whether things can be effectively cleaned or that the mold damage is so severe it will be necessary to discard the things it’s growing on.
  • Our team will thoroughly investigate the mold problem and fix the water damage, leaks, or moisture problems that caused the mold growth in the first place.
  • Required containment zone will be set up so that mold clean up can be performed in right manner and it can be ensured that mold spores will not reach other locations of your home that are still uninfected by mold.
  • Proper mold removal procedures will be carried out, including clean-up of mold, mold spores, and the application of a strong disinfectant that will completely eradicate mold problems from your home.
  • We have the required equipment to successfully eradicate the problem from your home. For instance, we make use of moisture meters, thermal imaging devices, and infrared cameras to trace the water damage problem and so we can fix it. Such steps ensure that mold will not resurface soon after mold clean-up work is finished.
  • During the remediation process, we utilize equipment such as water extraction devices, dehumidifiers, and advanced drying systems to bring down moisture levels at the job site.
  • If it becomes necessary to demolish certain structural elements as part of the mold removal process, then after work completes, our technicians make sure that necessary structural repair and reconstruction work is carried out to return those structural elements to their previous state.
  • Our certified, insured, and trained technicians follow strict industry guidelines while performing mold removal work to ensure the complete eradication of mold from your home.

If you notice black mold growing in your home, then give us a call without any delay. KBS Maintenance is available round the clock to help you out. As soon as we receive your call, our team will reach your home, evaluate the severity of the problem, and devise a strategy for the complete eradication of mold from your home.

Our team will also find the reasons for such black mold growth in your home and take the required steps to fix the issues that facilitated mold growth.