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Brick Cleaning

Brick Cleaning

Brick cleaning is one of KBS Maintenance’s specialties. Our brick cleaning services are designed to restore your brick walls back to their original state. We know how challenging this type of cleaning is, and this explains the kind of neglect that most brick houses and brick structures in Canada face.

But we are here to help you change all that so that you can have clean looking brick walls and brick structures once again. Irrespective of the dirt, or the height of the wall, you can trust our technicians, together with our effective cleaning methods to breathe life back into your brick walls one more time.

Why use our brick cleaning services

At KBS Maintenance we have are uniquely dedicated to offer nothing but the very best from the several services we have, and as far as our stone cleaning goes, our clients are bound to enjoy the following:

High quality cleaning results

We have the knowledge and expertise in cleaning all types of bricks, irrespective of the age of dirt or the size of the structure. Our experts have been cleaning bricks for decades, and as such, they have all the experience you may need to restore your brick walls.

Modern cleaning technologies

At KBS Maintenance, we have several methods and techniques for making your brick walls look great one more time. Some of the methods we use to get our clients great results include:

Water Cleaning – we use low water pressure cleaning techniques to get rid of the grime and dirt that may be making the brick surfaces dirty. We are well aware that brick and mortar are porous and too much water or excess pressure is likely to do more harm than good to the walls.

Chemical cleaning – with chemical cleaning approaches, special chemicals are diluted in water and used for the cleaning. With this method, however, we tend to be careful with its application since there are certain chemicals that may react with the bricks and the chemicals in the mortar to cause more damage.

Mechanical cleaning – mechanical cleaning involves the use of hand tools, grinders, wire brushes, abrasive blasting, and sanding discs which are used to remove any type of contaminants that might be embedded on the walls. Again, since we know that brick is hardest on the outside, we are careful to use such approaches so that we don’t damage joints and erode the vital protective layer of the bricks.

Quick service delivery

At KBS Maintenance, we are all about customer satisfaction. We not only ensure that you get the very best of our services but that you also get them in a timely manner. This is why we strive to serve you at your earliest convenience when you choose to work with us. After we agree on the terms, you will let us know the earliest appropriate time that we can come and deliver the service. And we will not leave your premises until you are completely satisfied with our work.

Environmentally-friendly services

The methods we use for our brick cleaning and restoration services are all environmentally friendly, and will not cause any harm to the house or the environment.

Affordable rates

KBS Maintenance is not only interested in offering you top-notch stone cleaning services, but we also want to make them available to you at the most affordable rates. We fully understand  your desire to see your brick structures looking great again, but that doesn’t mean that you should break the bank for it.

We are available for all emergency clean up, 24/7

Every service you need to make your bricks look great

Below is a sample of the services you can expect from us:

Brick cleaning – we offer the normal brick cleaning services using the methods and techniques described above. With this service, you will have access to:

  1. Brick wall cleaning Montreal – this mainly targets brick walls for both homes and commercial enterprises. It is the most common service that clients come to KBS Maintenance for.
  2. Brick patio cleaning – brick patio and walkway are very beautiful and attractive, but this is until they get dirty on them. Our brick patio cleaning service is all you need to make your patios and walkways appeal again.
  3. Retaining wall – If you have a retaining wall made of bricks, then we can also make it look as good as new with our brick cleaning services. Whether you are using the wall as a border, additional seating space or as a railing, you will agree that they look great when they are clean, and we are here to help you ensure just that.

Brick restoration

There are certain instances when normal cleaning may not be sufficient, and slight restoration work may be necessary to make the walls look great again. Depending on the type and age of the wall, we have a variety of brick restoration techniques we can use to give you the best possible results.

Paint removal from brick

Our services also feature paint removal from brick in case a section or a patch is stained by unwanted paint. Whether it was an accidental spill or an act of vandalism on your wall, we can make it disappear and leave your walls looking clean and fresh.

Contact us today for the most affordable and reliable brick stone cleaning in Montreal.

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