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Bricks have a timeless beauty, though if not properly maintained, the beauty can fade away. Bricks are sought after materials by homeowners who prefer a rustic and classic look. They are the most cost-effective building materials and hard-wearing.

A brick facade that was once an excellent scene might fall prey to the harsh climate, vagaries of crime and graffiti or vandalism, thus stealing the luster of your home’s exterior. These are some issues, not to mention old bricks whose porosity makes them susceptible to blemishes over the years. To correct these issues, you need professional brick cleaning services. Let’s delve deeper into the process of brick cleaning and the services provided by our team of experts.

A professional brick cleaning company will restore and clean exterior brick walls to their lost glory. They will enhance the appearance of your building.

Working with an experienced team of professionals helps in graffiti cleaning on your brick walls, remaining paints and blemish and ultimately delivering your desired results. Working with professionals with a wealth of knowledge in brick cleaning out of many years of experience will help restore your brickworks to their original state.

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Demystifying Brick Cleaning

Demystifying Brick Cleaning

Brick cleaning is a process of brick masonry cleanup involving the removal of any stains attached. Other than when the appearance of a brick wears out through paint or blemish, brick cleaning serves a purpose in various instances during a renovation or a home’s reconstruction. Finished brickwork cleaning does old and damaged buildings a lot of good.

Damaged brickwork is inescapable to the eyes, for instance, the London buildings. Perineal winter and increased London vandalism, pollutants and natural dirt significantly damage the brickwork. If your brick property is this way or worse, you are in perfect timing to call a brick cleaning professional’s services.

For efficient cleaning, high-pressure washing is a perfect choice for brick cleaning. It helps dislodge build-ups of dirt, grime and pollutants. Pressure cleaning covers more extensive areas than human effort can reach. It’s more appealing and preferred amongst professional cleaners.

There are, however, certain cases where pressure washing is not enough. Graffiti cleaning and paint cleaning may require something more. Professional brick cleaning services use sand-blasting or brick cleaning acid.

These methods need a skilled workforce to avoid physical damage to your brickwork. They are sensitive methods that can lead to irreparable brick damage.

Why Professional Brick Cleaning Services

Some homeowners prefer DIY brick cleaning using a bucket of water and a brick scrubber. However, working with a professional for your brick cleaning services is vital to retain the original brick stature. You can easily differentiate between professionals and DIY brick cleaning services.

An entire brickwork results in a better curb appeal for your property. It increases your home’s attraction value which is a good thing for a home resale value.

Regular brick cleaning is a fantastic way of maintaining brick integrity. Home DIY could cause the bricks to chip or crack, but professionals can provide a seamless brick cleaning service. Experts prevent the growth of molds and extensive corrosion on the bricks.

Contrary to what you might believe, professional brick cleaning does more than just dirt and grime removal. They clean the hard to reach areas and have clean reagents for the complex paint and graffiti cleaning. They will ensure your brick wall comes back to its original state regardless of the stains or impurities. The professional will, in addition, help prevent future brick issues like the growth of molds that easily crack the bricks.

How do you clean a four-story brick house? Ladders would not reach the high areas. Professionals come with the right tools, including cranes, to help reach the high unreachable areas and carry the appropriate cleaning tools and reagents. It would be impossible to clean up high areas while using heavy and bulky cleaning equipment.

You no longer need to worry about how your brick wall will become clean. Most homeowners stress creating time for home repairs and maintenance. Professional brick cleaning services allows you more time to concentrate on other issues which demand your attention. Professionals have the right skill set to give the right results. They need no supervision. It’s an easy way to become an outstanding employee, a great parent and a homeowner.

Brick cleaning is not easy. There are different pieces of equipment for cleaning parts of brick walls and roofing. Professionals save you the stress of knowing equipment usage know-how. They give you the luxury of using the most innovative brick cleaning technology in the market.

Popular Professional Brick Cleaning Services

Doff brick cleaning

Doff brick cleaning is a gentle and the most eco-friendly brick cleaning method. It removes most organic matter, algae, moss, and lichen, on old bricks. Doff cleaning applies high steam of up to 150 degrees C.

A single pass over a brick wall kills surrounding organic matter. Doff brick cleaning outweighs DIY water and bucket cleaning. One, it’s faster, and two, there are fewer water deposits on the bricks. It uses steam, thus keeping saturation at a minimum.

Chemical Brick Cleaning

Professional’s brick cleaners use the acid or chemical cleaning method to eliminate carbon sulphation and heavy soiling. Our expertly trained staff employs acid to remove unwanted carbon sulphation, effortlessly cleansing the brick with minimal pressure for color preservation.This method is a 100% guarantee of complete brick restoration while preventing brick damage. Experts do acid-related cleaning with maximum safety precautions to deliver the desired finishing.

Brick Pointing

Brick point enhances brick your property appearance through the replacement of crack or decayed bricks. A cracked or poor quality brick is a potential loophole for damp penetration. With the best quality brick point process, at least 10-20mm mortar depth is replaced. This method is effective for the period and historic buildings whose bricks need more than mere washing.

Choosing the correct brick cleaner is the ultimate goal for quality services. Ask round as most homeowners tend to keep service providers who offer quality work. You can also do an online search and take a keen interest in customer reviews. A good brick cleaning professional will have positive reviews.


Contact us today if you need these or any other exterior cleaning service. Our team is ready to exceed your expectations with the best cleaning services in town.

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