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KBS is your go-to service provider for exceptional carpet cleaning services. We are a reputable company known for our use of innovative technology and for our dedication to ensuring that all your carpets and rugs look as good as new after every cleaning job. You can trust us not to just clean your carpets, but our methodologies, which include a truck-mount unit, will ensure the longevity of your carpets so that you enjoy using them for many more years to come.


Why Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning

There are quite a lot of companies offering carpet-cleaning services, but not all of them should be trusted to fulfill your carpet cleaning needs. If you have been keen in the past, you will observe that a good number of them use soap and water, then scrub the hell out of your carpets with various brushes. Such a rudimentary approach will cause your carpets to look clean, but for just a short while.

After a few days, the carpets may start giving off strange odours, and you may notice stains reappear on the carpets again. The problem with such an approach is that the carpets never dry completely, causing the moisture at the core to start emitting the bad smell, and this will eventually attract more dirt that will make the carpet look dull and unattractive.

At KBS Maintenance, we specialize in using the right carpet cleaning methodologies, equipment and materials, guaranteed to yield better results, with no chance that your carpets will emit bad smells after the work is complete.

Once we are done with your carpet, you will have a spotless and clean rug that will smell fantastic, and will remain appealing for many months to come. Some of the highlights of our carpet cleaning service include:

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

Quick and effective dissolution of dirt from the carpets.

Quick removal of bacteria and other contaminants present on the carpets.

We use minimal amounts of water and have an eco-friendly approach.

Our methods preserve the integrity of the carpet fibers to ensure that they last longer.

No stains, chemicals, mildew or other lingering after-cleaning scents.

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Our carpet cleaning technology is suited for both commercial and residential carpet cleaning. Irrespective of the kind of rag you have in your home, office or commercial enterprise, you can trust us to offer them the look you need for a clean and healthy environment, and also to wow your visitors and customers. In most cases, we prefer to carry away the carpets and wash them at our facilities, and only return them when they are squeaky-clean. This method avoids any inconvenience you may have otherwise experienced in your home or office, while your carpets are getting cleaned.

carpet cleaning services


Contact us today for more information about our carpet cleaning services, and also feel free to ask for a quote if you have any carpet cleaning needs at hand.

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