Why You Should Choose Us For After Fire Cleaning and Odor Removal in Montreal

Why You Should Choose Us For After Fire Cleaning and Odor Removal in Montreal

A home fire is an unfortunate event, and something homeowners would rather not think about. However, home fires are sometimes inevitable, and if you are lucky to contain them, you will have to deal with the aftermath of the fire – mainly cleaning and restoration. One of the emergency contacts you should have as a homeowner is a reputable emergency cleaning in Montreal service provider so that in the event of a fire, you embark on the cleaning as soon as the fire is put out. This is imperative for the successful restoration of your home because the longer you delay the cleaning, the stronger the odor will penetrate and the more difficult it will be to remove.

Though there are many after fire cleaning service providers in Montreal, not all of them are guaranteed to give you great results and a good cleaning experience. Just a few of them have the necessary skills, tools, expertise, and professionalism to take good care of our after fire cleaning needs. KBS Maintenance is one such company, and below are some of the reasons why they should be the first person you should call after a home fire.

Guaranteed faster response

As noted earlier, the success of after fire cleaning and odor removal greatly depends on how soon the cleaning is done. It means that if you want to get good results, then you have to rely on a company that will show up as soon as possible after receiving your call. KBS Maintenance is a reputable company with a good response record. Given that the staff knows the Montreal area, they know how to navigate their way quickly through the city to reach your home before further damage is done. Also in instances of water damage, their faster response is key to reducing or stopping further damage to your home.

The capacity to respond to any sized fire

KBS Maintenance is not a small-time player in the after fire cleaning and odor removal industry. They have been around long enough to experience and deal with a variety of fire situations involving small, medium and large sizes. They are well equipped with the tools, expertise, and technology to guarantee you the best results irrespective of how devastating the fire was or how large the affected area is. Whether it is a small house, a residential flat or a commercial center, they have everything it takes to bring about quick restoration which is necessary for the faster resumption of normalcy in the premises.

Certified fires and water damage specialists

KBS Maintenance is not in the business of hiring car garage cleaners to take care of their clients’ cleaning needs. Their team of professionals comprises of certified fire and water damage specialists who are trained, skilled and well experienced in this field. As such, they have a clear understanding of what they should do and when they should do it depending on the situation on the ground. With them taking care of your after fire cleaning and odor removal needs, you can rest assured knowing that there will be no more damage as a result of their actions. Whether it is dealing with pressure washers and brushes, or handling the upholstery of your furniture, they are the best guys you can entrust with such a task in Montreal.

Working with a restore, not replace mentality

Sadly, most companies offering after fire cleaning services in Montreal are prone to working in a manner as to replace stuff, not considering the cost that such actions may have on your finances. Fire and water damages are already expensive and a professional cleaning should work hard to minimize the cost you will have to incur in bringing back normalcy. This is the perspective held by KBS Maintenance. In every situation, they will always strive to restore first so that normalcy can return as soon as possible. They have specialized equipment and cleaning techniques that will preserve the integrity of your structures and not cause further damage.

More than just after-fire cleaning specialists

The other massive advantage you will get by working with KBS Maintenance is that you will get more than just after fire cleaning services. They have the competency to offer additional services that will complement the after cleaning services. There are smoke odor removal in Montreal specialists, that can deal with any type of water damage restoration, and they also have the skills to take good care of upholstery and fabric cleaning after fire and water damage. As such, they are a one-stop-shop for all your after fire cleaning, odor removal, and water damage restoration needs.

Locally owned and operated

KBS Maintenance is a locally owned and operated company. It means that they care deeply about the community because you could be a neighbor, friend or relative of one the employees. This brings a sense of a personal touch in their services because you all share in the pain when these incidents occur. Besides, the fact that it is a local company implies they must do their very best or locals will start calling companies outside the city if their services are mediocre. Lastly, if they do a poor job, you can always approach them and ask for better services because you know where their offices are. This is safer and more convenient compared to dealing with an out-of-the-city company which you can’t get to easily in case they do a shoddy job.

They offer emergency cleaning services

Disasters never give notice when they will strike, and this is a fundamental fact that KBS Maintenance understands so well that they are professional enough to be on call 24/7. It’s always a good idea to work with a company offering emergency cleaning in Montreal so that when you are faced with potentially ugly situations you are assured of getting help as soon as possible.