Why Go For Cleaning and Decontamination

Decontamination is a necessary step after an extermination. KBS Maintenance team is proud to be one of the most preferred companies in the region for cleaning and decontamination services. We have the experience and the skills needed to make your home clean and safe so that you are not worried about any health concerns after an extermination is completed. Call us today to find out more about how our decontamination services may be of help to you.

During infestations by molds, insects or rodents, viruses and diseases are always part of the consequences and they are normally a great risk to the hygiene and health of the occupants of the premises.

Once the infestation problem is eradicated, and the pests, rodents or molds exterminated, there is never a guarantee that the imperceptible traces of their infestations will also leave. Due to this, it is highly recommended to call for cleaning and decontamination services to ensure that no traces of the infestation is left behind.


Safe and Reliable Process

In our cleaning and decontamination services, we use highly effective approaches which include a myriad of ways of ensuring that all the contaminated wastes are well contained and disposed of in the right manner. Safety is always a top concern when offering such services and consequently, none of our approaches will end up compromising the health of the occupants during and after we are done with the process. We also remove carcasses, whose presence may lead to various health challenges once the extermination is done.

Whether it is pigeons, bats, rats, raccoons or mold, we assure that KBS Maintenance cleaning and decontamination services will aggressively and diligently get rid of all parasites, viruses, bacteria and diseases which may have been occasioned by the infestation.


Call us today for safe, reliable and affordable cleaning and decontamination services by the right experts.

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