Complexities of high rise window cleaning Montreal and how specialists manage them

Complexities of high rise window cleaning Montreal and how specialists manage them

Looking for specialists to clean windows of your high rise building? In such situation, you will have to hire the right company for the job that will take required precautions to minimize the risks associated with this type of cleaning. Let us go through the details here.

What to look for while hiring a window cleaning Montreal specialist?

By checking the following aspects you will be able to make sure that you are hiring the right specialist.

  • Window cleaning company in Montreal should have an excellent safety record with least number of incidents.
  • The company should thoroughly explain the scope of work so that you do not have to face surprises later on.
  • There should be a team of specialists with good knowledge of types of windows and how each type of window is to be cleaned.
  • These specialist should only utilize glass friendly cleaning solutions and equipment as well as have complete knowledge of most recent glass technologies.
  • The team of window cleaners should be led by a site supervisor so that quality of work can be monitored and the best results are achieved.

How window cleaning Montreal specialist manage complexities of high rise window cleaning?

For offices in high rise buildings special precautions are to be taken since it can be really dangerous to clean high rise windows.

As such, experts make use of professional equipment comprising security ropes, guardrails, and scaffolding to minimize the risks. In addition, window cleaning specialists go through extensive safety training and are also insured.

Experts minimize the chances of damage and injury to property and people below by ensuring that every equipment being utilized for cleaning is securely attached to window cleaners.

This ensures that even if anything accidentally slips out of hand, it will not be falling onto the ground.

What are the factors that are taken into consideration while cleaning high rise windows?

Few of the important factors which are considered while cleaning high rise windows include:

  • Design or shape of the building
  • Obstacles building has such as car parks and trees
  • Weather conditions
  • Daily activities occurring in the building

Benefits of Hiring a Pro for High-Rise Window Cleaning

The window cleaning business is broad, there are residential window cleaners that can also clean windows on a commercial building, and there are high-rise window cleaners. High-rise window cleaning is an outstanding service due to the level of risk involved and equipment used. If you hire a high-rise window cleaning Montreal, be sure they are real professionals with expansive skill sets and years of experience on high-rise buildings.

What to Look For

Before hiring professional high-rise window cleaners, make sure they have the proper qualifications. This expert checklist should help.

  • Window Cleaning Company should have the least number of onsite incidents.
  • Hire a team of specialists; ask for their certifications and testimonials on recent contacts they have worked on.
  • Check that they use glass-friendly cleaning solutions and cleaning equipment. They should be well vast with glass technology.
  • The company understands and explains a detailed scope of their work.
  • For high-rise buildings, confirm their expertise level and references of previously done.


Why Hire Pros

Right equipment

High-rise window cleaners use similar window cleaning equipment as residential window cleaner’s use. They, however, need specialized equipment to reach extreme heights. High-rise window cleaners use bosun’s chair a lot to access windows many floors from the ground level. 


You could buy this equipment for high-rise window cleaning but training your staff to use bosun chairs and clean high-rise windows is something else. It takes time to get fearless employees and train them to use such equipment. The employees must go through the entire safety training course and understand all safety protocols.

Better Results

Professional high-rise cleaners go through regular training for maximum safety. They come with the right equipment and right gears to do the job right the first time. Experienced cleaners will clean all the hundreds of windows within a moment, something that an untrained person would take ages to complete.

Reduced Risk of Injuries

There are barely any high-rise cleaning accidents in Montreal. If they happen, the impact is fatal. Professionals understand this and therefore put the employee’s safety before the job at hand. They ensure quality ropes firmly attach the chairs to the top.

Before cleaning starts, professionals go through several security checks to ensure the equipment works well. DIY cleaner’s falls on ladders cases is much higher. In 2013, there were at least 175,000 cases.

Detecting Underlying Issues

Professional cleaners have years of experience, and window problems can never go unnoticed before trained eyes. Cleaners report small widow issues that you should address before it becomes a menace.

Added Building Value

High-rise professional window cleaning boosts a building’s value. The building’s façade means a lot to its clients. Professional cleaning affects what your competitors and potential customers think about you.

Job Is Done Faster

Professional cleaners have a lot of experience using ropes and cleaning tools. They will clean the windows faster with maximum efficiency.

High-rise window cleaning services should at least happen twice a year as a preventative measure. Professionals at KBS commercial window cleaning Montreal will help create a pleasant work environment and attract potential investors.