Costly Office Cleaning Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Costly Office Cleaning Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Many offices and commercial buildings rely on janitorial services to help them handle their cleaning needs. However, for a clean, organized, and well-maintained workplace, you can’t only rely on janitors.

There are so many things that employees do daily that seem inconsequential as far as the cleanliness of the office is concerned, but end up costing the business valuable time and money in the long run.

To ensure that you gain total control over the office cleanliness, and to avoid simple but costly oversights, here is a brief look at some of the cleaning mistakes you must avoid at all times-:

Entertaining a cluttered workspace

One of the common cleaning mistakes you will encounter in most offices is a cluttered workspace. When employees are unconcerned with a clean and organized environment, clutter will soon build up, leading to a cluttered mind. Under such conditions, it becomes relatively easy to misplace or lose items, and also to unwittingly reduce productivity levels due to the stifling environment.

With clutter, therefore, the work environment will not only look dull and boring, but the low levels of productivity may translate into the low profitability of the company. Consequently, you must always work hard to avoid clutter within the office environment.

Not dealing with spills and stains immediately

If you have carpets installed on your office floors, it is common for employees to stain them, and failing to deal with them immediately is a mistake that will lead to the business incurring additional costs down the line.

Sadly, some employees will knowingly cause a spill but fail to take responsibility for it. Spills and stains on carpets must be dealt with immediately. Allowing them to remain will not only render the carpet unsightly, but also may introduce unwanted odors within the office environment.

Also, the eventual cost of removing stains through professional carpet cleaning services will have to be incurred by the business.

Not taking care of hard-to-reach areas

This is a mistake that is not only made by the professional commercial cleaning companies but also by office staff tasked with taking care of the office’s cleaning needs. Most people are only willing to clean easily visible or accessible areas. If a stain is high up on the ceiling or if they have to move furniture to access it, then they will refuse to touch it.

In the end, such places usually end up accumulating a lot of dust, dirt, and other debris which, in turn, ends up making the cleaned areas dirty. Remember, the hard-to-clean areas are usually the dirtiest within the office environment, and home to all manner of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens. Ignoring such places is a mistake that may prove to be very costly in the long run.

Using the wrong cleaning supplies

It is common to find a standard bottle of all-purpose cleaner in the breakroom of many offices. This is used for all sorts of cleaning, from spills and stains in the bathroom to commercial floor cleaning in montreal. Some of these cleaners, however, aren’t suited for all-purpose cleaning applications. In reality, you can’t find a single cleaning product that can be used for all cleaning applications in the office environment.

By using a standard all-purpose cleaner for every cleaning task in the office, you will end up creating an excessive chemical buildup without ever achieving great cleaning results. Always use a variety of chemicals tailored for specific cleaning tasks. This will keep you organized and ensure great results with every cleaning exercise you undertake.

Expecting too much from employees

It is always wise to create a clean and organized culture within the office environment, and things would be great if you can get all the employees to adopt practices that will promote a clean and organized work environment.

However, a problem occurs when you expect employees to be actively involved in the day-to-day cleanliness of the office despite it not falling within their mandate. Unless clearly stated, don’t expect employees to do all the major dusting, carpet cleaning, watering of potted plants, and other similar tasks.

Not vacuuming the office carpet daily

Most office staff assume the carpets don’t require daily vacuuming. As such, they end up doing it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. However, this is not always a good idea. Depending on the foot traffic in the office, there may be a need for daily carpet vacuuming.

This is not only vital for the cleanliness of the office, but also to enhance the longevity of the carpet since there will be no dust and debris embedded in the carpet fibers. If you hire a reputable commercial office cleaning in montreal, then this needs to be a daily practice.

Not emptying the trash bin daily

Another cleaning mistake committed by many businesses is the failure to empty their trash bins daily. Some argue that emptying the trash bin daily is a waste of garbage disposal bags, but the consequences will always be worse down the line.

If the trash is not emptied daily, and with the dynamic nature of trash generated in the workspace, a foul odor is likely to result, attracting flies, roaches, and even rodents. This will create dangerous health risks for everyone using the office. Therefore, trash bins have to be emptied daily.

Failure to hire a trusted cleaning company

Finally, if you think you can save money by hiring the cheapest commercial cleaning company in your town, then you are making another huge mistake. If you have to hire a cleaning company, always go for tried and tested sorts. They will grant you peace of mind by helping you create a clean and healthy work environment that will also help boost the productivity and morale of your staff.