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Disasters often strike without warning, and the aftermath can be devastating. The longer cleanup is delayed, the more severe the resulting damage, and risk to one’s safety, becomes. To reduce the damage caused by a disaster on your property, it’s essential to seek the help of a reputable disaster cleanup company like ours that offers 24/7 services. Contacting professionals is crucial.

We enjoy working closely with our customers to quickly provide them with disaster cleaning services whenever the need arises. As an insurance company, it is imperative to visit your clients quickly in times of disaster, and to help them straighten out the situation as soon as possible. We partner with you to accord all the assistance your clients may need whenever they are faced with disasters such as fires or water damage.

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Why Partner With Us?

Partnering with us as an insurance company will bring the following benefits to you and your clients:

Rapid Recovery From Disasters

Disasters not only impact your property, but your life as well. When your home suffers a disaster, it severely alters your daily routine and compromises your standards of comfort. This, in turn, leads to stress and diminishes your quality of life. By relying on disaster cleanup companies like KBS Maintenance, you can mitigate the consequences of a disaster as quickly as possible and return to a normal way of life.

Business owners likewise experience a compromised routine when disaster strikes. In this case, the daily course of business is disrupted. When a place of business suffers a disaster, temporarily closing is oftentimes required, and employees must either work from home, or stop working entirely.

This, of course, entails dire financial consequences for business owners. In the case of a disaster affecting a business, it is ideal to rely on disaster cleanup companies like KBS Maintenance instead of tackling the problem yourself.

Benefit From Well-Equipped Technicians

Well-equipped technicians will ensure that the premises are thoroughly and efficiently cleaned, so that business may resume in full capacity as soon as possible. Items will be salvaged wherever possible so that the cost of replacing them may be avoided. Finally, a safe work environment will be guaranteed.

We are always ready to respond to disaster calls on very short notice 24/7 (twenty-four hours per day). You can rest assured that your clients will get help promptly when they need it the most. Our professional and competent team is always on standby, should the need arise.

Our Services Disaster Cleaning Services

With KBS Maintenance as your disaster clean-up partner, your customers will benefit from a diversity of disaster clean-up services, including a multitude of options to ensure optimal cleanliness in the most challenging situations.

Helping You Cope with Water Damage at Home

Water damage at home can be a nightmare, whether it’s a water damage leak from a burst pipe, a sump pump basement overflow, or a basement water leak. Our after-disaster cleaning services are here to help you through this stressful situation.

We understand the urgency of water leak clean up, as standing water can quickly lead to mold growth and structural damage. Our team of experts will swiftly extract the water, dry out the affected areas, and thoroughly clean and sanitize your home. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure a complete restoration, leaving your home looking and feeling like new again. Don’t let water damage at home overwhelm you – trust us to handle the water leak clean up efficiently and professionally.

Your Commercial Water Damage Cleaning Experts

When it comes to commercial water damage, time is of the essence. Our team of experts understands the urgency and is equipped to handle any size disaster, from minor leaks to catastrophic floods.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques to quickly extract water, dry out affected areas, and mitigate further damage. Our comprehensive approach includes thorough cleaning, dehumidification, and sanitization to ensure your commercial property is restored to its pre-loss condition.

Trust our experienced professionals to handle your commercial water damage emergency with efficiency, professionalism, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Thorough and Efficient Mold Removal Services

Your search for ‘mold remediation near me’ ends here. Safeguarding your property from the hazardous effects of mold growth is our top priority. Our mold removal service employs cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to eradicate mold infestations effectively.

Our team of certified professionals meticulously inspects every nook and cranny, ensuring a comprehensive mold remediation process. With our expertise, you can bid farewell to unsightly mold and breathe easy in a healthy environment.

Emergency cleaning services – irrespective of the time or day of the disaster, you can count on us that your clients will get the help they need in a good time. This is because we have emergency disaster cleaning services to respond to calls at any time of the day or night.

A Reputable Company with Highly Experienced Staff

We are a reputable company with a highly experienced team and a history of success. We have the right staff, expertise, tools, and experience to handle any disaster cleaning needs your clients may have.

We have a long list of clients who have been highly satisfied with our disaster cleanup services. This is perhaps the greatest proof that we are the ideal company to help you fulfill the disaster cleaning requirements of your entire customer base.

You need not worry the next time disaster strikes. Simply call us at KBS Maintenance for 24/7 services, and we will ensure that your home or business is promptly and thoroughly cleaned. Rest assured; you are in good hands with us!

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Are you located in Montreal or its surrounding areas? Have you been wondering, “where can I find trustworthy and efficient after disaster cleaning near me?” KBS Maintenance has got you covered! Our team of disaster cleanup experts are always ready to deliver quick and effective after disaster cleaning services. Let us help you restore your home or place of business to its pristine, pre-disaster state, granting you the peace of mind you deserve.

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