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How to Dust Your Office the Right Way

How to Dust Your Office the Right Way

If you don’t use commercial office cleaning in Montreal, then dusting is one of those activities you will find yourself doing every now and then. With dust, you can never say you are done, since dust will keep on coming back from various places over time.

Though it may sound simple, so many people don’t get it right when it comes to dusting, and perhaps this is why they struggle to keep their offices free from dust. To help you out, here is a brief guide on how to dust the right way:

  • Begin by dusting the high surfaces first, as you move on to the low surfaces. While you dust, the dust removed from the high surfaces will likely settle on the low surfaces where it will be easy to remove them throughout the process. Again, you should start from one end of the room and make your way towards the other end, preferably in a clockwise manner.
  • Lift objects such as picture frames, paperweights, phones, and dust under them before restoring them back to their original positions.
  • To remove smudges and spots from the walls, use a dump microfiber cloth to wipe them off. When the cloth becomes soiled, use clean water to rinse it before proceeding further with the wiping.
  • For flat screens and computer monitors, use a dry microfiber cloth and wipe gently and lightly. Don’t use tissue paper, window cleaner or paper towels on such screens, as you may end up scratching and damaging them.
  • For the blinds, begin by dusting across the top, and then close them before dusting the entire surface.
  • Once done with the dusting, vacuum the floor to remove all the dust that might have fallen onto it, then proceed to clean the upholstered furniture if there is any in the office.

Make it a habit of dusting your office the right way for a healthier work environment, or simply employ the services of a commercial office cleaning company to take care of all your office cleaning needs.