An Effort to Debunk Common Misconceptions Related to Commercial Floor Cleaning in Montreal

An Effort to Debunk Common Misconceptions Related to Commercial Floor Cleaning in Montreal

There are several misconceptions related to cleaning, as well as the maintenance of concrete floors and other similar hard surface floors. These misconceptions can affect how well your concrete floors are maintained. Thus, our aim here will be to debunk those misconceptions so that you can select a cleaning procedure that will be right for your commercial floor cleaning in Montreal.

Hard Surface Floors and Debunking Misconceptions

No Need for Use of Chemicals | All Surfaces are the Same | Concrete Floors Do Not Require Maintenance

Misconception #1: It is not necessary to use chemicals for the maintenance of concrete floors.

Reality: On the contrary, hard surface floors (such as concrete) need proper cleaning. Chemicals perform the function of breaking down dirt and debris present on the surface of the concrete floors so that they can be properly removed.

Misconception #2: All concrete walking surfaces are alike.

Reality: This is a big misconception since there are two types of concrete floors: coated and polished. Thus, cleaning as well as the maintenance to be performed varies significantly from one type of concrete to the other.

For instance, when there is a coated concrete surface, the focus of cleaning professionals is on maintaining the coating. On the other hand, when there is a polished surface, experts make use of abrasives for the purpose of cleaning and maintaining the concrete surface.

Misconception #3: There is hardly any need for cleaning and maintaining of concrete floors.

Reality: This is a misconception since coated concrete floors and their longevity depends on how you are maintaining such type of floors.

Professionals understand that if a mechanical polishing method is used then the longevity of your concrete floor will primarily depend on the technique that is used.

As such, experts utilize proper polishing and in addition, utilize abrasive bonding so that the surface will remain in good condition and you will have to spend less on regular maintenance of your concrete floor.