Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical Office Cleaning Service

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Medical Office Cleaning Service

Commercial office cleaning in Montreal for medical facilities are not similar to your typical office cleaning services, and a lot of caution needs to be exercised when choosing a service provider. While searching for such a service provider, here are some of the factors you have to consider to help you find the right company:

The cleaning product selection

The kind of cleaning supplies used in medical facilities will vary greatly with the supplies used in normal offices. The cleaning company should offer you a clear list of the supplies they use, including where specifically they will be applying those supplies. For instance, what will be used for cleaning the floors? Will a disinfectant be used on the floors? Will there be a need for terminal cleaning, and if so, how often will that be done?

The frequency of cleaning quality inspection

With medical commercial cleaning services, you don’t just “set and forget.” The cleaning company must provide details about quality inspection and how often the inspections will be done. They should also clearly illustrate who will be performing the inspections.

Following the results of any quality inspections, necessary adjustments must then be made, and sometimes this may involve retraining the crew so that they can provide better services. This is the kind of transparency needed to build solid trust between the office cleaning company and the medical facility.

Formal communication lines

Before enlisting the services of a commercial office cleaning company for your medical facility, you must have a clear understanding of who and how you will communicate, should there be an incident or should you need help of whatever nature. The company should clearly state whether they will receive official communication through email, web forms, or phone calls, and they should also let you know who will be expected to respond to such communications. There are a lot of stakes when it comes to commercial medical cleaning services, and it is imperative to cover as many fronts as possible.