After Fire Cleaning in Montreal and the Associated Challenges

After Fire Cleaning in Montreal and the Associated Challenges

After fire cleaning in Montreal requires special expertise since there are different aspects to look into and as such, you should hire experienced technicians for this task. In the following section we will look deeper into complexities involved in cleaning windows and oriental rugs after a fire.

Proper Cleaning After a Fire

Cleaning of Windows

When starting, experts first check to see whether there are broken seals or heat cracks. When present, technicians recommend replacing these windows instead of cleaning them.

However, if none of these issues are found, then the following procedures are used for cleaning windows:

  • To clean the sill, runner, and frame, experts choose a mild degreaser. But, if the product proves to be ineffective when used in a test area, a more aggressive cleaner is used.
  • A wood cream is selected for wooden windows that have experienced heavy damage. On the other hand, if there is light contamination, chemical sponges are utilized for after fire cleaning in Montreal.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

The techniques to be used for cleaning oriental rugs primarily depends upon the nature of the fire that engulfed the house. Let us go through the details in the following sections.

  • If the bulk of things that burned during the fire were natural substances, such as wood and fire then it will mainly result in powder residues. In such conditions, experts utilize dry vacuuming to get rid of the fire residues from oriental rugs.
  • On the other hand, technicians understand that it will not be that simple to remove smoke residues when a sticky residue is present. This results from a protein fire (caused due to the burning of meat and poultry). Thus, experts use other techniques instead of vacuuming to get rid of the residues.

Likewise, other techniques are used when there are low oxygen fires in a home when things such as plastic burn and result in a sticky residue.