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Hoarding cleaning services are more common than everyone thinks. For some people, hoarding is a natural thing. As the best hoarding cleaning company in Montreal, our aim is to help you resolve the issue permanently, once and for all.

Hoarding cleaning is not your ordinary type of cleaning, and so it should not be undertaken by your regular cleaners. Hoarding happens to be a complex mental disorder, where individuals find it difficult to discard or part with their possessions.

Hoarding can be both dangerous and unhealthy and it is necessary to get professional help so that the individual may be led to the road of recovery as soon as possible. At KBS Maintenance, we have developed a successful hoarding cleaning program that has proven to be beneficial for both small and large situations.

A messy basement / storage room with lots of things.

Who is affected by this?

Hoarding, most commonly known as Diogenes Syndrome, is commonly seen in older adults with some sort of mental or physical conditions. Studies have shown that this syndrome can also be seen in people with an IQ higher than the average.

A person affected will keep all kinds of objects and items. Their house will become overly cluttered with small almost tunnel-like pathways left in order to travel through the house. Most of the time, the clutter is composed of garbage and trash that have accumulated over time.

Hoarding Cleaning Performed by Experienced Technicians

Hoarding is a disorder that affects almost 2-5% of the population. If someone in your family is facing this issue, then appointing experts like us for professional hoarding cleaning services is the right thing to do. We will take the necessary steps to clean everything thoroughly, and perform disinfection to return your home to its former state.

Our team of experts performs the cleanup work in a very compassionate manner since we understand that hoarding is a serious disorder. We recognize that a hoarder can develop an emotional attachment to everything in the house, even if those things do not have any value for others. Here, we will try to understand the features and possible complexities of hoarding cleaning services.

A Professional and Understanding Approach

Hoarding cleaning is usually a difficult task and it requires very good planning, together with detailed execution as well as the use of the right equipment and supplies. Our professionals have the experience and the expertise needed to ensure the proper removal of debris, biohazard disposal, sanitizing and deodorizing, and the proper cleaning of all salvageable items.

In most hoarding cleaning scenarios, the level of contamination is usually very high, and protective gear must always be used during the process. We not only have the right gear to keep us and the client safe during and after the cleaning process, but also, we have compassion and respect for the client and a genuine desire to truly help them in their recovery.

Do away with the clutter and clean up all remaining debris

Help in locating lost or misplaced jewelry, money and other valuable items

Advice on recycling and shredding

Help in the distribution of donations

Help restore the living spaces back to clean and normal conditions

Safe hauling and disposal of all the unwanted items

Our specialists in hoarding clean up are here to help you. They work quietly, throw away all garbage, eradicate any bacteria, odor or insect infestation, and even salvage the items precious to you. Our hoarding cleaning services are very efficient and we do not leave your house, condo or business until you are completely satisfied with the work that has been completed.

Why Hire us?

There are several reasons we are the preferred choice for hoarding cleaning in Montreal.

Our team knows that hoarders get distressed if they are informed that they will have to discard the objects present in their homes. Moreover, our experts understand that if the cleanup is performed without the hoarder’s consent then the situation may deteriorate further. Being aware of these issues, we take the necessary steps to avoid these problems.

Entering someone’s home and putting everything into a trash can is not the right way of cleaning up. Successful hoarding clean up becomes possible when the hoarder develops trust that his or her valuable belongings will not be thrown away. As such, our experts try to build such trust so that clean up work becomes easier.

Having extensive experience in this field, our team proceeds slowly with the clean up work. Our experts begin cleanup in a single room and try to examine the type of objects that are present there.

Oftentimes, every room is checked individually to understand the similarities between them. For example, if books are being hoarded in all the rooms, then we assist the hoarder in deciding which books to keep and which ones to discard.

The experts involve the hoarder in the cleaning process to facilitate better categorization of the hoarder’s belongings. Our technicians also develop a category such as “may well keep”, which helps the hoarder gain confidence about discarding certain items later on.

Our experienced hoarding clean up professionals select a strategy based on the situation and await permission from the hoarder to allow clean up to commence. For instance, we may suggest the possibility of hosting future social events and parties at home if clean up is performed efficiently. This type of suggestion may work as an encouragement for the hoarder to assist while cleanup is performed.

Similarly, our trained professionals utilize their communication skills and creativity to assist hoarders in understanding the necessity of cleanup. For example, our team may take photos of objects present in the house pre-clean up to assure the hoarder that their memories of those belongings have been permanently preserved. In such a situation, the hoarder may well agree to such things being discarded.

Oftentimes, it becomes necessary to coordinate with different groups like nursing agencies, legal groups, and home care groups. Our team has the expertise to communicate properly with these groups to facilitate the clean up process. By following the guidelines, our team ensures that the hoarder does not have to face eviction and similar other stringent actions.

Our Professional Expertise

We have the needed expertise to recognize different hazards that might be present in a home, evaluate how serious is the problem, and manage complications that may arise.

Experienced technicians can recognize different hazards that might be present in a home. These hazards are categorized as safety, health, fire, and trip and fall hazards, as well as sanitary code violations.

Hoarding cleaning in Montreal is a complex process. The removal of personal possessions without permission of the hoarder can cause anger and anxiety. Thus, experts evaluate how serious the problem is when creating their plan of action and the speed at which cleaning should be performed.

Our team of experts will be making decisions according to their interpretation of the situation at hand. For instance, if there are fire risks due to hoarding then immediate steps will be taken to counter those risks. A fire risk will be greater when there are newspapers over or inside the gas stove or near a functioning radiator.

Our experts develop a clear plan of action before work begins so that everything can be streamlined. Moreover, our team will create and propose a written contract, which will specify the steps that will be taken to protect valuables during clean up. Procedures will also be defined for situations where valuables such as collectibles, jewelry, and cash are found when hoarding clean up work is performed.

Hoarding clean up is a complex task where experts must keep note of various details to perform the work in the correct manner. Our team has the experience and competency to assist hoarders properly and achieve optimum results. We also understand that the work involves emotions and is very sensitive by nature.

As such, we try to examine the hoarder’s thoughts and expectations before starting work. We also optimize the pace of the clean up so the hoarder can feel in control and avoid hoarding again, oftentimes at a much faster rate than before.


If you need hoarding cleaning services, we present ourselves to you as a compassionate and respectful service provider. Contact us today and give us the chance to offer you professional hoarding cleaning services.

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