How Does Crime Scene Cleanup Work

How Does Crime Scene Cleanup Work

To the majority, crime scene cleanup is the work of the authorities or investigating agencies. This is because they are the ones seen at the scene.  However, once they have collected evidence, this is when the real cleaning begins by professionals.

The truth is that crime scene cleanup is a highly specialized form of commercial cleaning that requires professional training and equipment. If you are looking for crime scene cleanup in Montreal service providers, then you won’t find many of them, but it is good to have a general idea of how this type of cleanup works.

Crime scene cleaning is governed by strict federal regulations

Unlike other types of cleaning, such as flood cleaning, this type of cleaning is governed by stringent laws and regulations. Remember, it involves cleaning a place where a crime has occurred, such as after death cleanup. There are certain things that need to be done before the cleaning commences, and once the cleaning starts, there are also certain precautions that the cleaners must take.

For example, biohazards may be present in such scenes. These biohazards are potential causes of infections, and they always have great evidentiary value to the investigators. Crime scene cleaning professionals, must, therefore, know how to handle such materials, and also possess the necessary permits to transport and dispose of such material.

Special tools are necessary

Crime scene cleanup requires specialized tools to guarantee cleanliness, safety, efficiency, and time-effectiveness of the project. The cleanup team is required by law to have personal protective gear, which includes a one-time suit, filtered respirators, and chemical spill boots.

Depending on the cleaning task at hand, they may be required to have hospital-grade disinfectants, industrial-strength deodorants, and use cleaning systems such as truck-mounted steam injection, no-touch cleaning system or chemical tank treatment methodologies. Evidently, these are beyond the scope of normal cleaning companies in terms of skill and resource requirements.

The cleaning process is always thorough

If you are hiring the services of a trauma scene cleanup company in Montreal, then you can rest assured that they will be more thorough than any cleaning company you have worked with. This is because dealing with biohazards is very tricky and you must be very detailed if you want a successful outcome.

For example, at the surface, everything may seem clean and alright, but at microscopic levels, you may find pathogens that may end up making people sick even years after the cleanup is done. This is why it is normal to find crime scene cleanups taking anywhere between 1 to 40 hours of cleaning.

It requires specialized cleaning

Being a crime scene cleaner is not the most pleasant job on the planet. It requires emotional and mental toughness so that you can do your job to the expected standards without losing the big picture. Apart from being trained on the specifics of getting spectacular results at the microscopic level, they are also trained to be compassionate without necessarily being desensitized or emotionally attached.