How to Keep Your Painted Walls Looking Fresh

How to Keep Your Painted Walls Looking Fresh

Clean walls are vital for beautiful interiors. But most people are fond of cleaning the floors and the ceiling, while ignoring the walls, yet, cleaning and maintaining them isn’t as demanding as compared to floors and ceilings. To have impeccable walls, and to keep them looking new, here are certain things you can do to upgrade your wall cleaning game:

Dust the walls

Simply run your vacuum cleaner dust brush attachment across the walls as you dust the ceiling. This will help you remove dust and cobwebs and in most cases, will be sufficient to make your walls look fresh again.

Remove dried in stains

Throughout instances when there are stains that can’t be removed by dusting, then your wall cleaning will involve the use of water, a soft sponge and a suitable detergent. Rub the stain gently in a circular motion until the stain has been removed, then wipe the section with a dry piece of cloth. If it is a large area that is affected by the stain, or you have tried to wash it off, but in vain, you may have to call for professional wall cleaning services to help you restore the wall back to its original appearance.

Stain prevention

Another wall cleaning, is to simply avoid the accumulation of stains on the walls. It begins with being very careful to not stain the wall in any way, and if it gets stained by mistake, then the stain should be removed as soon as possible. If you let the stain stay for a while, it will be much more difficult to remove, and it can potentially affect the wall paint’s colour or saturation, thus forcing you to repaint after the stain has been removed.