Mold Remediation – Tips to Limit Mold Growth This Winter

Mold Remediation – Tips to Limit Mold Growth This Winter

In winter, one of the problems you will face will be of mold growth in your home. Let us look at a few things you can do to prevent this problem as part of the mold remediation process.

Mold Remediation – Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in Winter Months

Reduce Condensation and Repair all Cracks

If there is excess condensation then it can result in increasing moisture levels and excess moisture causes the growth of mold in your home.

As such, it will be important to lower the level of condensation in winter months by using proper insulation for cold surfaces present in a home such as exterior walls, floors, windows, roofs, and pipes.

Another important thing you will have to do for preventing condensation would include stopping water seepage into your basement and crawl spaces. This can be accomplished by repairing the holes or cracks present in walls and foundation.

Trace Out Moisture Issues

By checking the moisture levels on a regular basis, you will be able to figure out the main cause of the problem, which can range from a leaking appliance hose to leakage in a bathtub, sink, or toilet.

By inspecting things like water stains and odors you will be able to understand where the moisture problem exists.

Fix Water Flow Issues

To prevent build up of moisture, which will eventually lead to a mold problem, what you will have to do is fix any water flow issues present in your home. For instance, it will be necessary to ensure that the HVAC and heating drip pans are not obstructed in any way and there is a proper flow of water.

Another thing you will have to do is invest the time to create the correct landscaping so that water drifts away and does not flow towards your foundation. In addition, drain pipes should be able to direct the flow of water away from your home.