Morning or Evening Office Cleaning – What’s best?

Morning or Evening Office Cleaning – What’s best?

Cleanliness in the workplace is imperative for the success of the business or the organization. A clean office will provide the right environment for both employees and clients to interact and go about their business without being bothered or distracted by unwanted smells or dust piling up. It also helps improve the organization within the office, and consequently, the overall appeal of the place.

Most businesses have different arrangements on how to do the cleaning, and when to do the cleaning. Some organizations will prefer morning cleaning, while others are better suited for evening cleaning. Generally, the cleaning time chosen varies a lot, and there are always various factors that will determine the best time to do office cleaning for each respective business. If you are in a dilemma and you are wondering when would be the best time to call for Montreal commercial cleaning services to help you with office cleaning, then here are a few factors you should consider that will help you make the right decision.

The nature of the businesses

Different business setups will require different cleaning schedules. A business that operates at night, such as a warehouse, will be different from a business that mainly operates during the day such as a shopping mall. For the former, morning cleaning will be the most ideal because operations shall have ceased, and so cleaners will have ample time to do the cleaning. The latter, however, will do best with evening cleaning, because the crowds shall have receded, and the cleaning crew will have a good time in doing the cleaning. Therefore, consider the nature of your business if you want to determine the right cleaning regime to consider.

High traffic hours of the business

Establishments like colleges offering evening classes may be highly inconvenienced if they are to choose evening cleaning schedules. This is because it is at this time when the building experiences a lot of traffic, and the cleaning process may not be very effective. For such businesses, morning or day cleaning would be most ideal. But this is in contrast with a similar institution offering morning or day classes. In this case, the most appropriate schedule would be to go for evening floor cleaning since by that time, there will be few people within the building, and cleaning will be relatively easy. Therefore, while determining whether to go for morning or evening cleaning schedules, consider the times of the day when your organization receives more traffic, and don’t schedule the cleaning if it coincides with these times.

Are you hiring a cleaning company or using your staff?

Some businesses have cleaning staff as part of their full-time staff. In most cases, such staff will arrive early at the premises and do the cleaning before the others arrive, or they will stay late to do the cleaning after everyone else has gone. If you have in-house staff, then the best thing would be to do morning floor cleaning because the staff may be too exhausted to do the cleaning by end of day. However, if you have hired Montreal commercial cleaning services, then you can go for evening cleaning schedules because such companies are more flexible, and they tend to love their evening schedules so much.

The space to be cleaned

Irrespective of whether you go for morning or evening cleaning, the goal is to ensure that when the business of the day starts, the office or business premises will be clean. As far as space goes, choose the time that will allow for proper cleaning of the space. If it is a small space, then morning routines will be fine, but if it is a big place and you don’t have many cleaners, always go for evening cleaning programs.

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