Pavement and Parking Lot Cleaning Services

Clean pavement and parking is a prerequisite for the success and continuity of any parking business. The last thing you want for such a business, is to deter any potential or existing clients due to dirty pavement or parking lots when KBS Maintenance is always ready and available to make your parking lot look spotless and clean all the time. Whether you have an open lot or an underground or multilevel car park, we are ready to provide you with services that will make the facility look attractive and convenient to users.

A Wide Variety of Parking Lot Cleaning Services

At KBS Maintenance, we have the tools, equipment and the necessary skills and experience to offer a wide range of pavement and parking lot cleaning services. The following are just some of the features of our parking lot and pavement cleaning services:

Deck Cleaning

Our services are designed to produce an unrivaled result that will lead to the transformation of even the dirtiest section of . Depending on the surfaces and the level of dirt, we have just the right method and equipment to make every section look as good as new.

High-level Cleaning

With our parking lot cleaning services, we don’t just focus on the floors. We use a variation of high pressure and low-pressure techniques, which make it possible for us to clean all the components of the parking lot. These include ceilings and high walls for multilevel car parks to ensure that every part of the parking lot is clean for the convenience of your clients.

Pavement and Parking Lot Sweeping

Other than the thorough cleaning we offer for pavement and parking lots, we also offer regular sweeping services to ensure that the spaces are clean at all times. For underground and multilevel car parks, we also provide regular stairwell cleaning services so that your clients can enjoy walking in clean and safe staircases after parking their cars or when going to get them.


Contact us today if you need these or any other exterior cleaning service. Our team is ready to exceed your expectations with the best cleaning services in town.

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