Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist

Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist

A home renovation project leaves a new outstanding home look. However, you have dirt, dust and debris to focus with. Most home renovators do not sign-up for post renovation cleaning. Post-renovation cleaning demands intensive cleaning to remove even the tiniest debris. A team of professionals experienced in post renovation cleaning is needed to give you a haven from the complete renovation plan. 

Many homeowners expect to come into an excellently proficient clean, and organized new home or office. Cleaning after renovation work is a homeowner’s responsibility. Most contractors provide a standard industrial clean house after renovation, meaning a broom-swept room to vacuum large debris and remove large concrete blocks. Dust and debris will be visible from every corner. It is a pretty hard DIY. Experts like the KBS maintenance offer professional post renovation cleaning using the right equipment, leaving no stone unturned. 

Would you mind taking a look at your renovation project and using the below checklist to ensure your home is sparkling clean after renovation? Areas of concern are walls, carpets, furniture, the home’s ventilation system and tiny home details, including ceiling fan blades and chandeliers.


Dust gets into everything and could be challenging to get rid of. Home renovation dust is mainly from cement mixing. The renovation cleaning crew signs up to clean up the very copious amount of dust. The crew will wipe down every home furniture, electronic gadget, window, drawers, inside and outside, and all home cabinets. They will clean up furniture linens as well. 


Brush-clean and simple vacuuming by project contractors have minimum impact on the floor cleaning. Dust and footprints cover the entire floor. The post-renovation cleaning crew will leave the floor sparkling clean. They expertly clear the floor using industrial chemicals to provide a clean, smooth finish. You might need to hire a carpet cleaner if you had carpets unless your post-renovation team offers carpet cleaning services. 

Air Vents and Filters

Air vents and air filtration systems will still trap a lot of dust. The vents should have through cleaning and a complete replacement of air filters. Dust could still travel to other rooms through the vents, causing airborne related infections. 

A professional renovation cleaning company removes the entire air filtration system for cleaning with soap and running water. Cleaners should also disinfect the system for contamination during the dusty renovation work. Before replacing your vents covers, renew the air filters as well.


Windows are essential areas of concern. They provide natural light. Unclean windows attract dust, and dirt build-up, thus ends up blocking natural sunlight. Renovation cleaners clean windows both internally and externally. 

Phases of a Renovation Cleaning

Post-renovation cleaning happens in a multi-phase approach for livable and attractive spaces. Proper renovation cleanup determines how good the renovation work was. It’s wise to hire professionals like KBS maintenance before completing the renovation project. It fast-tracks the cleaning process since they can establish proper communication and begin the clean up on time. 

Phase 1: Rough clean

The first renovation cleanup up phase begins during or immediately after the construction. Rough cleaning involves a complex scrub on plywood and concrete to ensure the flooring fits perfectly. At this stage, the cleaning pros dispose of large debris, leftover building materials and large pieces. At this point, you remove all stickers on door labels, windows and other parts of the house. Vacuuming removes more extensive pieces of debris and dust.

Phase 2: Light Clean

Of the entire post renovation cleaning, the light clean phase is the most labor-intensive. This phase requires sophisticated cleaning equipment. The phase involves cleaning all rooms; restrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, with meticulous finishing. At this stage, home installations like the windows, sinks, toilets, counters and cabinets are also thoroughly cleaned. 

Phase 3: Final Clean

Final clean is the last stage that involves final checks. The homeowner uses their checklist to ensure everything is in order. At this stage, you can expect a magazine standard living area. Dirt and dust settled in the previous phase can be flushed out here. A team of renovations cleanup pros will go through every detail with a fine-toothed comb to ensure the final touch up applies. They eliminate any traces of fingerprints and markings. 

Depending on the cleaner’s policy, exterior construction is part of the light-clean phase, especially if not much activity happened. The crew will typically have a pass cleaning, collecting left debris and confirming no damage on paint and driveways finishing.

Benefits of Renovation Cleaning

Renovation cleaning Montreal and other experts use the best cleaning tools to appease your renovation cleaning needs with perfect and specialized scrubbing. These present a clean, renovated and bacteria-free home or office. 

Post-renovation tasks are time-consuming and require specialized machinery and chemicals to achieve the right results. Traditional cleaning methods would save a lot of money but will take ages to complete. They will leave so many nitty-gritty which professionals would otherwise have considered. Professionals can save you a lot of mistakes and reworks. They will identify renovations mistakes immediately, and the renovation constructor can rectify them before they become worse. 

Hire skilled and experienced cleaning pros for post renovations benefits in the long run. You have a right to ask for their qualifications and previous projects they have worked on. Ask what chemicals they use for renovation cleaning to ascertain their skill level before signing up. Ensure the renovation cleaners works have an insurance cover should anything happen during the construction process. 

Go for leading renovation cleaners with the rightly trained staff, industrial standard equipment and onsite cleaning experience. Ask around for referrals for the best cleaning company near you. Be specific on what you want and what the company offers before getting excited about the low pricing, be precise on the pricing structure. Regular cleaners might not turn around your renovated house with excellent cleaning as professionals would. Spare yourself the hustle of cleaning after renovation work by setting aside a cleaning cost in the construction budget.