How soon does mold grow after a flood?

How soon does mold grow after a flood?

Mold growth, understandably, is not a very desirable condition. Due to an excess amount of accumulation of water in homes, offices and the entire surroundings in general after floods, mold has a favorable environment to grow. Moreover, if it is not removed right away, the process of restoration might become more challenging –both in terms of cost as well as the time that it would inevitably take to be restored to its earlier condition.

Why does mold grow?

There is practically no solution to prevent the growth of mold during and after a flood. In the surroundings, due to the high intensity of moisture and conditions, spores are present and the moment a favorable condition is created by the organic materials around, mold begins to develop. One of the most worrisome aspects pertaining to the growth of mold is that once it starts to find its way into your region, it spreads its branches further and there is no limit to the extent of harm they may cause.

How to get rid of mold?

As already understood, mold is not pleasant and it is preferable to get rid of them sooner than later. There are many easy and quick ways to remove the mold at an immediate level. Some of the most obvious ways are:-

1. Remove Excess Water

Excess water will make the whole surrounding quite moist and would encourage the growth of mold.

2. Dry out the area

In extension to the first method, the area has to be absolutely dried after the excess water has been removed. This would not allow mold to find desirable conditions to germinate and hence, the damage, if not totally eliminated, can, at least be controlled to a certain extent.

In a way, this is the maximum we can do on our own. And we do need some secondary and more expert help to control the growth of mold.


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