All Types of Specialized Cleaning in Montreal

KBS Maintenance is your go-to provider for all types of special cleaning services in Montreal. Special cleaning requires certain skills and competencies, and oftentimes, specialized cleaning tools, to ensure great results.

Specialized Cleaning
We are well equipped with all that is needed to professionally handle all of your special cleaning needs, such as:

Construction Cleanup

The debris raised following the completion of a construction project is always enormous, and it is vital to do a thorough cleanup before the project can be ready for occupation. We can undertake any kind of cleaning requirement, ranging from a small apartment cleaning, to complete construction cleanup, shopping mall cleaning, retail stores, and large commercial and industrial buildings.

Carpet Cleaning

With truck mount unit, if you need your carpet to be as clean as new, or you want to remove the stubborn dried in stains, then our carpet cleaning services are all you need to get the work done.

Graffiti Cleaning

Graffiti cleaning is necessary to restore the beauty and integrity of your walls or surfaces. Call us anytime you wish to get rid of any graffiti that might have been applied without your consent.

Mold Removal

Breathing air infested with mold is a sure way to develop a myriad of respiratory problems. It is not always easy to tell whether or not you are facing mold infestation, but in case you suspect any exposure to mold, you need to call us for immediate testing and removal, so that you don’t jeopardize the health of occupants of the building.

Window Washing

Windows contribute directly to the aesthetics, lighting, and spaciousness of your home. But when they are up high and they become dirty, they can greatly compromise the look of your home. With our window washing services, you are guaranteed clean and sparkling windows, to make your house stand out from the rest.

Spring Exterior Cleaning

Once spring is over, it is time to remove debris, and to restore the beauty of your business. The spring-cleaning services offered by KBS Maintenance, are more than enough to get your business back in shape once the winter season is over.

Other special cleaning services we offer include parking and garage cleaning, wall and ceiling cleaning, ceramic cleanup, high dusting, after event cleanup, structure dying, strip waxing, after fire cleaning, pressure washing, decontamination and junk removal, amongst others.


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