How Do You Stop Your Basement from Flooding in Heavy Rain

How Do You Stop Your Basement from Flooding in Heavy Rain

Dealing with a flooded basement is never a walk in the park. It is not just a potential recipe for damaging the items stored in the basement, but it can also affect the structural integrity of the entire house, leading to the condemnation of the entire building. But the good news is that there are certain proactive measures you can take to stop the basement from flooding so that you don’t have to worry about damages, as well as dealing with flood cleaning. Here are some of your options.

1. Proper cleaning of gutters and downspouts

Cleaning the gutters and maintaining the downspouts is vital for the overall maintenance of the entire home and protection from water damage. When the gutters are clean, and you also position the downspouts away from the foundation of the building, every time it rains, the rainwater will flow freely with no chance of pooling or finding its way to your basement. Ensure that the downspouts are at least three feet away from the foundation, and don’t hesitate to use troughs or downspout extensions to ensure that you achieve this distance.

2. Proper yard landscaping

Poor landscaping of your yard may contribute to flooding in your basement, leading to flood cleaning and mold removal among other problems. Though this seems remote, if the slope of your yard is towards your home, then all the flood water will be directed towards your home, with the likely destination being the basement. Therefore, ensure proper landscaping to reduce the chances of your basement flooding.

3. Inspect the foundation and repair any cracks

Cracks appearing in the foundation of your house can create access for water to slip into the foundation and flood the basement. Be sure to inspect the foundation regularly, and repair any cracks that might be present, no matter how small they are. This will not only save your basement from flooding but will also ensure the structural integrity of your home.