Strip & Wax Floors Services

We all agree that we need clean and nice looking floors, and to achieve such, sometimes it becomes necessary to strip and wax the floors. However, floor stripping and waxing can be a hard and tedious job if you have to do it on your own.

This is why KBS Maintenance has the best floor stripping, waxing and polishing services designed to make your floors look new and free from dirt or grim. Ours is the only service you need to bring your floors back to life.


Why Have Your Floors Stripped and Waxed?

When you use large amounts of wax, over time they build up to form a yellowish color on the surface of the floor, making it appear as a layer of dirt and grime. With the normal wear and tear that the floors are subjected to, they attract more dirt and other matter, and these do nothing but continue to make the floors look dirty and ugly.

To restore the aesthetics and the integrity of the floors, professional stripping and waxing services by KBS Maintenance is necessary. With our services, your floors will benefit from:

Ultimate protection from scratches and scuffs

Freedom from dirt and grim

Improved interior for offices

Clean and healthy floors for the overall hygiene of the office environment

professional stripping and waxing services

Great Results for Customer Satisfaction

With the desire to give our customers the best in approval and satisfaction, our trained team is ready to leave no stone unturned in breathing life back to your floors with professional stripping and waxing services. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction and add you to our list of satisfied customers.


Give us a call or send us an email requesting a quote of our stripping and waxing services. Our team is ready to provide you with the very best services.

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