Tips for Cleaning Fabrics and Clothes after a Fire

Tips for Cleaning Fabrics and Clothes after a Fire

After the fire is gone and everything is brought back under control, you will definitely have some cleaning to do. Cleaning the clothes and fabrics is an arduous tasks you will be faced with, and since the odors won’t just leave that easily, you have to learn how to use certain tips and tricks that will make your clothes smell fresh again.

Here are a few tips you can use to remove the bad smell when dealing with after fire cleaning Montreal:

Removing the soot

Soot is the black powdery substance left behind after a fire. It is a health hazard when inhaled and this is what makes dealing with it during an after fire cleaning more difficult. In most cases, it is recommended that you should call for professional after cleaning experts to deal with it, but if that is unavoidable, then you should remove all the clothes with soot outside and hang them in a place where they can be exposed to a lot of fresh air so that the powdery flakes can be blown away. For rugs and carpets, be sure to vacuum clean them while still outside before returning them into the house.

Deodorizing fabrics and clothes

For most people, tossing clothes in the washer will be the first thing they will think about when cleaning after a fire, but this isn’t the right move.  Before tossing the clothes in the washer, it is required for them to be treated via ozone.  An ozone cleaner contains oxidizing agents that will break up the smoke molecules and remove the often offensive odor.

Clean the fabric after deodorizing

Once the clothes are deodorized, the cleaning can now commence using the washer and dryer, with the confidence of getting some good results. But if you find any of these aspects challenging, you can always trust the services of a reputable after fire cleaning service in Montreal,  to do the heavy lifting for you as far as after fire cleaning is concerned.