Top Window Cleaning Mistakes You Keep Making

Top Window Cleaning Mistakes You Keep Making

If you have been cleaning windows but you are unable to get that brilliant sparkle once you are done, then you may want to reconsider your cleaning techniques. You could be using the wrong tools, cleaning under the wrong conditions or your cleaning methodology could just be the wrong one.

Here are some of the mistakes that could be preventing your clean windows:

Not removing deposits before cleaning the window

It is vital to remove deposits such as bird droppings and other debris before you embark on the cleaning process. This is to avoid redoing the work when the deposits fall on the cleaned glass once you are done.

Using the wrong materials to clean the windows

You will never get good window cleaning results when you use fibrous or lint-based clothes to do the job. Fibers and lint will remain on the cleaned surfaces, and removing them will not be any fun.

Trying to clean a large area at once

It is advisable to tackle smaller areas one at a time until the entire window is cleaned. By taking on a large area at once, by the time you get around to rinsing and polishing, you might end up with soapy deposits. which may require you to do the work anew.

Cleaning windows in hot sun

It may be tempting to do the window cleaning on hot sunny days, so that you see the window shine under the glare of the sun. But the problem with such a condition is that the hot sun will make wet window sections dry very fast, leaving smears behind.

Cleaning windows from inside out

It is suicidal to think that you can get clean windows when you clean them form inside-out. This is not only dangerous, but you won’t get good results doing it that way. The best way is to get out of the house, and to do the cleaning from outside when the windows are open.