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When your home suffers extensive water damage from flooding or other natural disasters, it’s crucial to let experts handle the water damage cleaning. As a reputable water damage restoration company in Montreal, we possess the knowledge and experience to efficiently restore your property to its original condition. Our dedicated team specializes in comprehensive water damage restoration and cleaning services, ensuring your home becomes the sanctuary it once was.

Not only will we address visible damage; we will also prevent additional issues like mold growth. If left untreated, high humidity levels can create an ideal environment for mold to flourish. Our experts employ advanced techniques and equipment to thoroughly dry affected areas, reducing the risk of mold infestation.

We at KBS Maintenance are committed to providing you with top-notch water damage restoration services, as well as peace of mind. Our experienced team understands the psychological turmoil resulting from property damage, and we work diligently to ease your burden. With our swift and effective restoration methods, we aim to minimize both physical and emotional upheaval, allowing you to return to a safe and comfortable home.

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Why Water Damage Restoration May Be Needed

Before we dive into the specifics of the water damage restoration and flood cleaning process, let us first understand the types of water damage you may experience, the potential causes of water damage, and the actions you must take whenever you experience flooding or water damage at your residence or place of work.

Clean Water Damage

Clean water is also known as category one water. It is considered the safest of all water damage types. This type of damage normally stems from broken clean water lines or unattended sinks. This type of water does not pose any significant health hazards if consumed. In most cases, clean water damage won't cause any serious harm if discovered promptly, but it could still be dangerous if not addressed quickly.

Most cleaning companies understand how to deal with clean water damage, and render their water damage restoration services quickly and efficiently. Clean water, hence its name, is uncontaminated, and unless you suffer a severe burst, taking care of this type water damage is relatively simple.

Gray Water Damage

This kind of damage is more serious than clean water damage. Clean water damage can easily turn to gray water damage if you allow it to sit for over 24 hours. A common example of gray water damage is the water damage experienced after your toilet overflows. Since the water in the toilet contains microbes, ingesting this kind of water is certain to make you ill, or give you a stomach ache at the very least.

If you happen to experience gray water damage in your home, the most important thing you have to do is stop the spread of the water to other rooms. If you allow it to spread, the bacteria and microbes will proliferate as well.

For this reason, it is always advisable to rely on professional water damage restoration services to handle gray water damage. However, if you insist on doing the water damage restoration work yourself, then you must protect yourself so that the water doesn’t come into contact with your skin or spread to other areas of your home.

Black Water

This is the most serious and dangerous type of water damage, and using professional water damage restoration services to combat the issue is a must. This type of water damage may occur in the case of a sewer line burst, or a natural disaster like a flood or a hurricane. In both cases, large volumes of black water are transferred into the home.

With this kind water damage, it is important that you isolate yourself and your family from the water. Black water is known to contain chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria that can potentially cause serious health problems for you and your loved ones. If ever you face black water contamination in your home, it is vital that you call professional water damage cleaning experts for help.

Causes of Water Damage at Home

Now that you know some of the water damage types you may be faced with at home, you should also learn about some of the potential causes of water damage at home. Understanding the source of the damage is important since it will help you decide if you can handle the water damage cleaning by yourself or if you need to rely on professional help. Below are some of the common causes of water damage at home:

Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and natural disasters are not daily occurrences. However, when they do happen, they typically come with potentially damaging consequences to property and will most certainly affect lives. The strong winds that accompany such natural disasters can damage roofs and let a significant amount of rain indoors.

They can also cause heavy downpours that may clog the public sewer lines and cause backflow or force the floodwaters from the streets into your home. In cases of severe weather that causes water to breach your home, it may be necessary to employ water damage cleaning services provided by professionals.

A home’s gutter system is designed to drive water away from the home. However, over time, the gutters become clogged with all manner of debris, including leaves, twigs, and branches from nearby trees. When gutters are clogged during rainstorms, the rainwater may not flow in the intended direction. Instead, it is likely to flow along the edges of the gutters, ultimately finding its way inside the house and leading to water damage.

As certain appliances advance in age, it is possible for their pipes to rust and weaken. The dishwasher, for instance, is known to leak and cause flooding in the kitchen. When parts such as the gasket get worn out, the doors break, or the drains get clogged, the probable scenario is always flooding. Luckily, water damage caused by appliances is easy to detect and may not require much water damage cleaning. However, avoiding water damage resulting from compromised appliances remains vital.

When pipes become loose, or grow too old, they are likely to start leaking. If such leaks are not detected in a timely manner, they may flood the rooms where they are located. The real challenge with leaking pipes is when those pipes are hidden. If the leaks are not discovered and repaired in good time, regardless of their severity, they may lead to serious structural damage and ruin items stored in those rooms. The services of a reliable plumber should be enough to deal with leaky pipes once they are discovered.

Drains in places like the bathroom or the kitchen may clog up for a variety of reasons. Grease buildup, hair, or dirt may find their way into the drains and block them. When the blockage is discovered and swiftly removed, serious damage will not likely ensue. However, if it is not discovered in time, your home may severely flood, necessitating the intervention of water damage restoration experts.
Moisture may seep through the concrete and walls, causing mold and rot. This is purely a structural problem and by the time you discover it, there is an excellent chance that severe damage has already been done. Make sure to take immediate action the moment you discover mold or any form of rotting on your walls, employing a team of water damage cleaning experts.
This is a water emergency you may face during the cold months of the year. Pipes burst when the water inside them freezes, expands, and ruptures the pipes. Depending on the location of the pipes, the ensuing flooding can span from floor to ceiling. For this reason, you are encouraged to insulate your pipes and prepare them for winter before the cold months set in.

Sewer lines backing up and bursting is a situation no homeowner wishes to experience. When your sewer lines can’t flow properly, the contents are likely to back up into the house and create gray and black water flooding. This normally happens when the sewer lines are blocked, or heavy rainfall delivers more water than the lines can handle.

Sewer line backups may spread dangerous contaminants around the house fast, rendering the environment unsuitable for living. Call water damage cleaning professionals the moment a sewer line backup occurs.

Facing Water Damage? Act Fast!

Suffering extreme water damage is a nerve-wracking experience for any homeowner. Such damage can lead to significant damage to the property itself, as well as possessions kept inside. Furthermore, water damage often leads to the spread of mold, which can badly impact the health of you and your loved ones. When facing a water damage emergency, be sure to act fast and turn to a team of water damage restoration professionals. Get back to normal as soon as possible; you and your family deserve it.


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