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Water Damage Restoration After a Flooding Incidence

If your home has experienced significant water damage due to flooding or similar other natural calamities, then you need to get in touch with us as early as possible. As a professional water damage restoration firm, we have the required expertise to restore your home to its pre-loss state.

We also ensure that you do not have to face other associated problems, such as mold growth, which occurs when humidity and moisture levels are high in the house.

Before we dive into the specifics of the water damage restoration process and flood cleanup, let us first understand the types of water damages you may experience at home or at your business, the potential causes of water damages, and the specific actions you need to take whenever you are faced with flooding or water damage at your residence or place of work.

Water Damage Types You Need to Know About

The knowledge of the type of water damage you are dealing with will inform your actions on how to deal with the situation. You need to understand the various types of damages so that you understand the kinds of risks you might be facing, and most importantly, know what you need to do to ensure the long-term safety of your family and quick water removal processes. Here is a brief look at the main types of water damages you are likely to encounter at home:

  • Clean Water Damage
    Clean water is also known as category one water. It is considered the safest of all water damage types. This type of damage normally comes from broken clean water lines or unattended sinks. You wouldn’t face any significant health risks if you consumed this water or it was fed to your animals and pets.In most cases, clean water damages will not cause any serious damages if you discover them in good time, but they may still be dangerous if you don’t get them corrected in good time. With clean water damages, most cleaning companies will know how to deal with them quickly and efficiently.They are not contaminated, and unless you are faced with a big burst, taking care of this water damage is always the easiest and the simplest.
  • Gray Water Damage
    This kind of damage is more serious than clean water damage. Clean water damage can easily turn to gray water damage if you allow it to sit for over 24 hours. A great example of gray water damage is when you experience an overflow in your toilet. Since the water in the toilet contains microbes, ingesting this kind of water is certain to make you ill, or give you a stomach upset at the very least.If you happen to experience gray water damage in your home, the most important thing you have to do is stop the spread of the water to other rooms. If you allow it spread, it will also be spreading along with the bacteria and the microbes in it.For this reason, it is always a good idea to work with professionals in clearing gray water damage from your home. However, if you insist on doing the restoration, then you have to protect yourself so that the water doesn’t come into contact with your skin and it doesn’t spread to the other areas of your home.
  • Black Water
    This is the most serious and the most dangerous of all the water damages. This type of water damage may happen in cases of a sewer burst up, or when there is a natural disaster such as floods or hurricane that ends up disposing of a lot of black water in the home.With this water damage, it is important that you keep yourself and your family away from the water. Such waters are known to have chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria that can potentially cause serious health problems to you and your loved ones.If you are ever faced with black water contamination in your home, it is vital that you call professional flood cleaning experts to come and help you out with clearing the mess.

Causes of Water Damages at Home

Now that you know some of the water damage types you may be faced with at home, you should also know some of the potential causes of water damages at home. Knowing what caused the damage is also important since it will help you decide if you can handle the cleanup by yourself or if you need to call for professional help with the flood cleaning. Read below for a brief look at some of the common causes of water damage at home-:

  • Severe Weather
    Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and natural disasters are not daily occurrences. However, when they do happen, they normally come with potentially damaging consequences to property and will most certainly affect lives.The strong winds that such natural disasters come with could damage roofs, and send a significant amount of rain indoors. They can also cause heavy downpours that may clog the public sewer lines that might cause backflow or force the floodwaters from the streets into your home.
  • Clogged Gutters
    The home’s gutter system is designed to drive away water from the home. However, over time, the gutters do get clogged with all manner of debris, including leaves, twigs, and branches from nearby trees.When it rains and they are clogged, the rainwater may not flow in the intended direction. Instead, it is likely to flow along the edges of the gutters, ultimately finding its way inside the house leading to water damages in the house.
  • Old Home Appliances
    As appliances advance in age, it is possible for their pipes to rust and weaken. The dishwasher is known to leak and cause flooding in the kitchen. When parts such as the gasket get worn out, the doors break, or the drains get clogged, the probable scenario is always flooding of the rooms.The good news with water damage caused by appliances is that they easy to detect and may not always result in a lot of damage. But that notwithstanding, it is vital that you avoid them whenever possible.
  • Leaking Pipes
    When pipes get lose, or they become too old, they are likely to start leaking. If such leaks are not detected in good time, they are likely to flood the rooms where they are in. The only challenge with leaking pipes is when they occur in hidden places.If the leaks are not discovered and repaired in good time – irrespective of how small they are, they may lead to serious structural damages, including damages to the items in those rooms. A good plumber should be enough to deal with leaky pipes once they are discovered.
  • Blocked Drains
    Drains in places such as the bathroom, the kitchen, and the bathtub may clog up for a variety of reasons. Grease buildup, hair, dirt, toiletries, or even kids’ toys may find their way into the drainages and end up blocking them.When the blockage is discovered and removed in good time, then no serious damage may be expected. However, it is not discovered in time, you may back to a flooded home, with lots of water damage around.
  • Structural damage
    Moisture may sip through the concrete and sip up through to the walls where they may cause mold and rot. This is purely a structural problem and by the time you realize it, there are always very good chances that damage has already been done.However, you should ensure to take immediate action the moment you mold or any form of rotting on your walls.
  • Pipe burst due to frigid temperatures
    This is a water emergency you are likely to face during the cold months. It happens when water in the pipes freeze, expand and rupture the pipes.Depending on the location of the pipes, the ensuing flooding can cover the floor all the way to the ceiling. For this reason, you are encouraged to insulate your pipes and prepare them for winter before the cold months set in.
  • Sewer lines back up
    Sewer lines back up is not a situation anybody would wish to experience in their homes. When your sewer lines can’t flow properly, the contents are likely to come back to the house and start flooding everywhere with the black/gray water.This normally happens when the sewer lines are blocked, or heavy rainfall delivers more water than the lines can handle. Sewer line backups may spread dangerous contaminants around the house fast, making the environment unsuitable for living.Learn to call the right professionals the moment you realize that you are faced with a sewer line backup.

We are available for all emergency clean up, 24/7

Our Water Damage Restoration Expertise

During water damage remediation, our experts focus on expediting the drying process. For instance, when drying walls, our technicians detach the baseboard to facilitate drying. Similarly, wall coverings and wallpapers are removed since they hamper the drying process.

Our team understands that moisture will reach the wall cavities during flooding. As such, to properly dry things that have bound moisture, what our experts do is utilize techniques like vapor diffusion to expedite the process. Similarly, when drying concrete, we make sure that the concrete’s moisture content is brought down to under the 75% equilibrium relative humidity mark.

What To Do in Case Of a Water Damage

The actions you take when you are faced with water damage will determine whether you will properly manage the situation or if you will get things to move from bad to worse. First, you must never panic when faced with flood damage.

Quickly assess the situation and ensure that everyone is safe. No one should stay in the affected areas until they are cleaned and cleared of all the floodwater.

If the flooding is severe and it is not something you are well-equipped to handle, then you need to call water removal experts immediately.

They are usually equipped to respond to such emergencies and will know what to do to stop the flooding and to help you regain the normal use of your house as soon as possible.

Also, for significant water damages, it is vital to call your insurance company and advise them on the situation.
You need to document the flooding and inform them as soon as possible to facilitate any compensation processes that might ensue following the damage.

Finally, you can only get back to the house once it is cleared by the experts. Any damages have to be repaired, and all the rooms must be dried before you can go back and start using them again.

At KBS Maintenance, we offer reliable flood cleaning services, and we can accord you all the help you need to get your life back to normal after floods.

The Right Knowledge and Experience

Due to their vast experience in water damage restoration work, our experts understand that buildings may well use unconventional construction techniques or have several finish layers.

Being aware of these details, our team is able to correctly identify materials and methods used in the construction of building assemblies and decide on the most suitable drying procedures for such building assemblies.
Our team ensures that the right steps are taken, which will provide effective results. A few of the steps we take in this regard include:

  • Our technicians make proper use of evaporation to get rid of surface water. This is accomplished through the use of warmer and drier air so that such air can evaporate moisture from materials.
  • When using evaporation for drying things, our team keeps note of evaporative cooling. According to this process, when water evaporates, it takes away thermal energy with it, and water has a significantly lower percentage of thermal energy for continuing the evaporation process. To tackle this problem, our technicians add additional thermal energy so as to effectively tackle the problem of evaporative cooling.
  • If it is noticed that material is wet, then the surface tension of such things is decreased so that water moves out due to capillary action.
  • Our team also takes measures to increase the effectiveness of heat drying. This goal is achieved by techniques such as tenting, tarping, containment, and channeling so as to reduce the air space, which will, in turn, facilitate the heat drying process.

We very well know that, as water damages your belongings and structural elements, you will also face the risk of damage to your valuable documents. To prevent such a thing from happening, our team makes use of different procedures, such as freeze-drying, desiccant air drying, and similar other techniques to recover your documents.

Access to Required Equipment

We make use of the most advanced equipment during the drying process to make sure the task is completed quickly and in the best possible manner. For example, when water damage occurs, it increases humidity in your home. To rectify this issue we make use of the dehumidification technique and have access to latest dehumidifiers to bring down humidity levels in your home.

Proper airflow plays an important role in the water damage restoration process and that they need to maintain air velocity of about 600 feet per minute at the start of drying. To accomplish this task we make use of required number of air movers that help us in maintaining such FPM levels.

If your home has experienced water damage then give us a call and our team will immediately reach your home or commercial establishment, check extent of flood damage, and start restoration work on war footing.

The Right Solution for Every Possible Incident

At KBS Maintenance, we offer fast, reliable, and affordable water damage repair and cleaning services to help you, your family, or your business recover as soon as possible after water damage.

Water damage can be the result of many factors. It could be due to natural disasters such as storms and flooding, which then force water into your business or home. Or it could be the result of a cracked water pipe, which ends up flooding the house after you leave for work. Additionally, the damage can be accidentally caused by firefighters during the process of fighting a fire.

Irrespective of the cause of the damage, the results can be devastating, and it is necessary for restoration work to commence as soon as possible. It is not only your items inside the house that will get destroyed, but also, the floodwaters may affect the structural components of the house, leading to costly repairs.

We have a certified and skilled team with years of experience working in a wide range of cleanup emergencies. With our services, you will get the remedy you need for basement flood clean-up, emergency plumbing cases, water leaks, water damage to the walls, ceilings, cleaning up after sewage backup, sewer overflow, and toilet overflow.

We use advanced water extraction, leak detection, and structural and dehumidifying equipment to ensure you regain the use of your space as soon as possible and to prevent mold from growing. You can always count on us to show up at your property extremely quickly, bringing things back to their original state as quickly as possible.

Call us today for the best water damage and restoration services, offered by experienced professionals, and with quick turnaround time.

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