What Is Included in Post- Construction Cleaning

What Is Included in Post- Construction Cleaning

Following the completion of a construction project, the final step before the project can be handed over is usually post-construction cleaning.

There is always a need to get rid of all the dust and the debris generated during the construction before the project can assume its final state, and also reveal the full extent of its aesthetics.

This is usually the goal of a post-construction cleaning service. However, post-construction cleaning is not like ordinary cleaning where all you need is some soap, water, and brushes then you are good to go.

This type of cleaning requires meticulous planning, and for the best results, you need to do it in phases, with each phase achieving very specific objectives.

If you are wondering what a typical post-construction looks like, then read below to find out what is included-:

Phase One: Rough Cleaning

The very first phase of post-construction cleaning is rough cleaning. This is done once the electric, plumbing, and framing works have been completed.

It is at this phase when the bulk of the debris, trash, waste construction materials, and other objects are removed.

The goal of this phase is to clear the materials that can’t be generally vacuumed. It prepares the way for the second phase where there will be sweeping and vacuuming.

This is also the stage where stickers from doors and windows are removed, but their thorough cleaning is reserved for the phases to follow.

Phase Two: Light Clean

In all the three phases of post-construction cleaning, the light cleaning phase is considered to be the most tasking since it requires a lot of time, cleaning equipment, and skills.

Once all the debris and the construction left-overs have been removed, what follows is a deeper of all the rooms to give the spaces what might be their final looks.

During this phase, a lot of emphases will be placed on the following-:

Entrances and exits

Entrances and exits are easily noticeable since they are your passage into and out of the construction projects.

During light cleaning, all entrances and exits are thoroughly inspected and cleaned – all the doorknobs are wiped clean, and the door panes dusted.

It also entails cleaning the entranceways, door frames, and windows.

The Living Areas

There is always a lot of cleaning to be done on the living or the common areas of the building. The cleaning here will involve sweeping, vacuuming, and possibly mopping all the floors in the living areas.

All the lighting fixtures in the common areas are also dusted and checked to see that they are working well.

The windows, window sills, and window tracks are also given a thorough cleaning when working on the living areas.

Working on these places during this phase of construction cleaning will also imply removing any paint stains that might have been left behind during the painting process.

Cleaning the living/common areas is very important because it contributes to the final outlook of the house.

If the house was up for sale, the job done cleaning the living areas may be the deal-breaker, hence, this aspect of post-construction cleaning in Montreal must be taken very seriously.

The kitchens

Depending on the size and the design, cleaning the kitchen after construction or renovation projects may be very challenging.

This is because there are very many places within the kitchen that will require a lot of cleaning attention. Some of the spaces that you must not miss when working on the kitchen include-:

The shelves and the counters – these usually end up with incredible amounts of dust. These have to be thoroughly dusted and cleaned and left in a position where they are ready to be used.

  • Cabinets and drawers – the cabinets and drawers will also end up with lots of dirt, dust, and other debris. It is at this stage that they are cleaned and made ready for use. Cleaning them may sometimes mean taking them apart and cleaning every component before you fix them again.
  • Sinks – if the kitchen sinks are not cleaned properly after construction, they could easily block when the house is occupied. It is vital to clean the sinks and get any form of debris that might end up blocking the drains.
  • Windows – the window sills, and window racks in the kitchen are also given a thorough clean at this point to make them clean and attractive.


Bathrooms are normally the smallest of the rooms, but they shouldn’t be ignored during post-construction cleaning Montreal.

During this process, the sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs are cleaned, dried, and sanitized. The mirrors, counters, and cabinets are also wiped clean and sanitized.

The floors are also thoroughly mopped or vacuumed and the room is left when it is ready for use.


The bedrooms also require a lot of attention during post-construction cleaning. Some of the places that require a lot of focus here include inside the closets where all the settled dust must be removed.

All the fixtures and the ceiling fans also need to be dusted and wiped clean. The grates and the vent shouldn’t be ignored either.

Finally, all the paints on the floor or the hinges should also be cleaned away. This is not to forget the floors which will normally be cleaned or vacuumed.

Phase Three: Final Clean

This is the final phase of a renovation cleaning Montreal process. It is usually done a few days after a light cleaning.

The goal is to remove any dirt or dust that might have settled on surfaces after the main construction cleaning has been done.

Once this process is over, the property will be in a position to receive occupants and be used to its full capacity.

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