You Can Benefit from KBS’s Commercial Window Cleaning Services

You Can Benefit from KBS’s Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Having clean and presentable windows is crucial to any business. It creates a respectable and professional appearance and, in the case of retail businesses, helps to attract customers. This is why every business considers the use of commercial window cleaners to be a vital investment.

Only by using these services can you ensure that your windows are cleaned thoroughly and as often as necessary. If you need a commercial window cleaning service in Montreal, read on. We will explore the many benefits of such a service.

A More Presentable Business

Have you ever walked by a storefront and gazed through its grimy and blurry window? What were your initial impressions of the business? It’s doubtful they were positive.

When a business fails to properly clean its windows, it gives the passing customer a sense that the business doesn’t care about appearances. What else does the business fail to care about, one wonders. Customer service? A thoroughly clean window offers customers a positive first impression of the business and ensures that the customer enters the store.

The same principle applies to non-retail businesses. If your business is located in a skyscraper, for example, and that building is rife with filthy windows, what kind of impression would it leave on a new client entering that building? Again, a very poor one. Presentation is crucial in the business world and one wants to signal to clients that they have the highest professional standards.

Relying on commercial window cleaning allows businesses to make a positive first impression, as desired. Thankfully, businesses in Montreal have access to top-notch window cleaning services.

Crystal Clear Inventory Displays

Why spend the time, effort, and money on creating an alluring window display when that display cannot be clearly seen by customers? When a business’ storefront windows are dirty, it makes it difficult for customers to properly view the displayed inventory. As such, they are likely to pass on and spend their money elsewhere.

Commercial window cleaning services use customized cleaning products to make windows sparkle and enhance visibility. This creates the opposite effect of dirty windows repelling customers – it draws customers in. Here is an excellent example of how a small investment in window cleaning services can greatly increase a business’ bottom line.

Sanitized Glass

While cleaning windows with typical solutions will remove dirt and blemishes, it will not fully sanitize the glass, and some germs will remain. Commercial window cleaning services use industrial sanitation products to thoroughly clean the glass and remove any remaining germs. This is important in the case of storefront windows, as customers constantly touch the glass and breath on it.

It is also crucial in the case of taller commercial buildings as their windows are susceptible to airborne germs such as dust, pollen, and traffic-generated pollutants. Only professional commercial window cleaners, who have the necessary tools and experience, can get the job done right.

Interior Cleaning

In addition to cleaning the outside of windows, commercial window cleaners will handle the inside of windows as well. This will eliminate stains and germs on the inside of windows too. The inside of windows has just as many, if not more, germs than on the outside. In the case of retail businesses or commercial spaces, foot traffic constantly flows.
Not only are the windows often being touched, leaving stains, but they are also susceptible to air-borne germs from people coughing and sneezing. Again, professional window cleaners have the necessary tools and know-how to thoroughly clean and sanitize both the outside and the inside of windows.

Superior Customer Service

Professional commercial window cleaners offer superior customer service. They use environmentally safe supplies and cleaning methodologies, so you don’t have to worry about leaving an environmental footprint.

Such services also offer affordable rates, a flexible schedule, and quality customer care. If you need your commercial window cleaning done at irregular times or on short notice, don’t worry; these services have you covered. If you have any questions or need to leave feedback, professional window cleaners are there to listen, and to help.

Frequency of Window Cleaning

Windows are a vital component of any structure. They greatly add to the exterior aesthetics of the building, and therefore every business is concerned about hiring the right professionals to take care of their commercial window cleaning needs.

But do you know how often you should be cleaning your windows so that they remain in an impeccable state throughout the year? Well, the answer depends on a number of factors.

The Location

If your facility is close to major highways or busy streets, chances are that it will get dirty faster than those in quiet suburbs or areas with low traffic. If this is the case, you will likely require more frequent cleaning to maintain your windows.

The Landscape

If the building is in a place with tall trees that drip sap; or the trees are mulched up against the building, then you will experience a buildup of debris quite frequently, necessitating regular window cleaning.

The Weather

If you experience an unusual storm or it becomes rainier than usual, leafs and debris are likely to be picked up by the windows, requiring that you call-in for a professional window cleaning service, to remove the dirt, and the deposits left behind the rain or floods.

The cleaning frequency may, however, become less frequent, during the dry seasons, since there aren’t a lot of dirt and debris deposits on the windows.

The Use of the Building

Commercial window cleaning frequency may also be determined by what the facility is being used for. For instance, a healthcare facility may require more regular cleaning (the windows should be cleaned at least once every month) compared to a retail store, which may not require monthly cleaning. Again, a restaurant may require daily cleaning due to all the smoke and odours, compared to an office block, whose windows may need cleaning on a weekly basis.


There are many great reasons why businesses should use the services of commercial window cleaning in Montreal, as outlined in this article. Why settle for less when it comes to your windows? Contact KBS Maintenance now!