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KBS Cleaning – After death clean up 

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Once the police have finished processing a crime or accident scene, the after-death clean-up and restoration process can begin. Often, crime and accident scenes contain blood and other biological contaminants that pose a serious health risk.

KBS Cleaning professionals respond immediately and have the specialized training, protective equipment, and experience to safely clean trauma and crime scenes.

There are companies that offer after-death cleaning services such as KBS Cleaning. Death can occur in a home or in a hotel. It can also happen in a public place and sometimes even in a car. After death clean-up will help you remove body fluids as well as blood from the death scene.

At KBS maintenance we have teams specializing in after death clean up. We are the best trauma scene cleanup company with the skills and equipment to erase all residues left behind by first responders and police officers.

What do we do?

Death and crime scene cleanup includes the removal of dangerous biologic waste and blood after a serious accident, a suicide or murder. Also, we can efficiently remove any toxic and biological material left behind by the police, including things like print and tear gas powder. Once we are done with a scene, it is left spotless and in pristine condition.

Types of after death cleaning services

There are many types that require professional knowledge to perform. Below are some of our cleaning services:

  • After death clean up
  • Cleaning up the decomposition of the body
  • Cleaning of biohazards
  • Blood cleaning
  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Homicide cleanup
  • Odour Removal and Sanitation Services
  • Cleaning up suicides

Crime scene and trauma

When a violent death occurs in a person’s home, the family usually does not move. The KBS Cleaning team removes any signs of what happened and any resulting biological hazards.

All body fluids are biohazards, so any blood or tissue at a crime scene is considered a potential source of infection. So our cleanup company doesn’t miss anything, and there are no residues left. Every family member will be safe from biohazardous waste.

KBS Cleaning has the specialized knowledge to safely handle biohazardous materials and to know what to look for at the scene. For example, if there is a fingernail-sized bloodstain on the carpet, there is a good chance that there is a two-foot diameter bloodstain on the floorboards below.

Our Commitment

Our team is very discreet, professional and empathetic to anyone touched by any sort of circumstance. We do everything in our power to make all foul odours disappear, we disinfect every corner of the scene and we do not leave until the place is clean and as appealing as possible.

We do the maximum needed to return a location back to its original setting, to allow people struck by tragedies to move on with their lives and make peace with what has happened.

Our trauma and scene cleanup team understands the importance of what needs to be done and get the job done with the utmost respect and professionalism.

After death cleaning services are also contacted by investment services if the death is not natural. Before contacting the after-death cleaning services, it is very important to find out about the reality of the company. You need to go through the reviews of several after-death cleans up before choosing a particular service. Always choose a service that seems to be trustworthy.

We are available for all emergency clean up, 24/7