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Professional Death Cleaning Services

Once the police have finished processing a crime or accident scene, the death cleaning and restoration process can begin. Often, crime and accident scenes contain blood and other biological contaminants that pose a serious health risk.

At KBS Maintenance in Montreal, our team of professionals respond immediately and have the specialized training, protective equipment, and experience to safely clean trauma and crime scenes.

Death can occur anywhere: in a home, a hotel, a car, or a public place. in a home or in a hotel. After death clean up will help you remove body fluids as well as blood from the death scene.

We have teams specializing in after death clean up. We are a highly-experienced cleaning company with the skills and equipment necessary for erasing any residue left behind by first responders and police officers.

Our After Death Clean Up Process

Our crime scenes and after death clean up services include the removal of dangerous biological waste and blood after a serious accident, a suicide, or a murder. Also, we can efficiently remove any toxic and biological material left behind by the police, including things like print and tear gas powder. Once we are done with a scene, it is left spotless and in pristine condition.


Types of After Death Cleaning Services

Many types of after death clean up services exist, each requiring expertise. Below are some of our cleaning services:

After death clean up

Cleaning up the decomposing body

Cleaning of biohazards

Blood cleaning

Crime scene cleanup

Homicide cleanup

Odor removal and sanitation services

Cleaning up suicides

After Death Clean Up Services

As specialists in death cleaning, we offer the following services:

Crime scene clean up is one of the most challenging after death clean up works. The cleaning happens in the presence of investigators and, most importantly, the forensics unit.

Technicians will arrive with the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure that a crime scene is cleaned up immediately and that all biohazards are eliminated. Equipment used includes cleaning tools, protective gear, and remediation disposal materials.

As a crime scene is central to a police investigation, technicians will ensure that evidence is safeguarded, and that cross-contamination does not occur. They also ensure any additional evidence found during the clean-up is not tampered with. It’s also a form of proof that no evidence goes to waste after the crime scene.

Our after death clean up experts also have the experience and emotional fortitude to work among traumatic circumstances. Crime scene clean up, where homicide is often concerned, is an after death clean up scenario that requires the utmost emotional strength. Furthermore, technicians will interact with family members of the deceased with compassion and tact.

Finally, while performing the after death clean up, technicians will ensure that all laws and regulations are followed.

As for the particularities of the crime scene cleaning procedure, the team will proceed by decontaminating the scene, cleaning all body parts, blood, and other fluids. The remaining fingerprint dust from the investigation will also be eliminated. Any foul odors will be removed using deodorizers, and biohazards will be properly disposed of.

If insurance claims are to be made, technicians will collaborate with law enforcement to aid in this matter.

There are similarly daunting responsibilities associated with trauma clean up. When a violent assault or death occurs, the aftermath tends to include biological waste such as blood, bodily fluids, or contagious viral pathogens. Our after death clean up technicians have the necessary protective equipment and tools to manage this scenario.

They also possess the compassion and tact to cope with a traumatic scene, just as they do for crime scene clean up. As the name “after death clean up” indicates, trauma is the central component. It is natural, and sadly inevitable, that when a violent crime or death occurs, family members or associates of the victim will suffer trauma. Trauma clean up technicians will handle the workload in a way that minimizes any psychological pain experienced by those close to the deceased.

This cleanup service involves removing blood and any bodily fluids left by police after-death crime scene.

It is vital to properly remove blood as exposure to this bodily fluid poses severe health hazards. Not only must blood cleanup be handled immediately, but thoroughly as well. The after death clean up technicians tasked with blood cleanup will utilize the proper tools to clean, deodorize, and disinfect the premises, rendering the environment completely safe. Any affected fabric-based materials, such as carpets, will be removed if necessary or cleaned and salvaged, if possible.

After death clean up companies like KBS Maintenance have trained professional technicians who deal with blood pathogens and any biohazard clean up. They have the proper personal protective equipment and tools to clean up the scene seamlessly.

It is crucial to rely on professional after death cleaners to properly remove biohazards as these hazards pose a serious threat to one’s health. If you are not trained in bioremediation, attempting to clean biohazards yourself will result in exposure, and the likelihood of cross-contamination will increase greatly. Our trained technicians can effectively remove biohazards and guarantee a safe environment.

Exposure to the scene of a suicide is undoubtedly one of the most traumatic experiences a person can suffer. It is an enormous shock, and the resulting blood and bodily fluids only increase the trauma. Few people are equipped to witness, let alone clean up, such a scene. It is for this reason that expert technicians, such as those at KBS Maintenance, should be relied upon.

A suicide scene must first be sanitized and disinfected after removing the body. When a person takes their own life, bodily fluid and other matter is left on-site. The process begins with the KBS Maintenance professional visiting the scene to assess prevailing conditions.

They determine the work plan, assess carpet cleaning needs, and see if fluids have seeped through the floor, walls, and bedding. Once the site visit is complete, the client gets a quotation.

As in the case of other after death clean up services, suicide cleanup technicians will handle the workload in a compassionate manner. Those close to the victim may have access to the scene and will be further traumatized by items related to the suicide. As such, technicians will remove any reminders of the tragic act, such as weapons, needles, or associated articles of clothing.

Why Professional After Death Clean Up?

Protects Your Family

Professional death cleaners are experts in dealing with hazardous human waste. They will make the indecent scene livable. Cleaning pros remove bio-hazards and put first the safety and health of your household.


After death cleaners work in discreet confidentiality about the scene. If they must talk to the police or the media, these companies have laid down protocols and will communicate when contracting them. They appear in typical vehicles so as not to draw attention to your residence.

Thorough Cleaning

Professionals will clean thoroughly, leaving no crime scene traces behind. Rest assured that all human residue will be eliminated. Professional cleaners at KBS will quickly restore your household to its original state, preventing continued exposure to traumatic reminders of the incident.

Any discovered evidence will also be turned over to the investigating authority.

Professional After-Death Cleaners

Crime Scene and Trauma

After a violent death occurs in a person’s home, the family often stays. The after death clean up team removes any signs of what happened and any resulting biological hazards.

All body fluids are biohazards, so any blood or tissue at a crime scene is considered a potential source of infection. Our after death cleaners are thorough, and no residue is left behind, protecting household members from biohazardous waste.

KBS Maintenance has the specialized knowledge to safely handle biohazardous materials and to know what to look for at the scene. For example, if there is a fingernail-sized bloodstain on the carpet, there is a good chance that there is a two-foot diameter bloodstain on the floorboards below.

KBS Maintenance in Montreal: Thorough, Efficient, and Respectful

Our team is discreet, professional and empathetic towards those suffering trauma following a death. We eliminate all foul odors, disinfect every area of the scene, and only depart one the environment is pristine and hazard-free.

Our after death services revert a location to its pre-death state, allowing affected individuals to move on with their lives and make peace with what has happened.

We not only work thoroughly and efficiently, but with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Contact KBS Maintenance today for our after death services and put the trauma behind you as quickly as possible.

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