Exterior Cleaning Services

At KBS Maintenance, our mandate is to help you maintain and enhance your business, both inside and outside. We offer a wide range of exterior cleaning services you need, to ensure that the looks and integrity of your exterior are not compromised in any way due to dirt, dust, algae, moss or the harsh elements of weather.

Unlike the interiors, building exteriors never receive a lot of attention as far as cleaning is concerned, and this is why you need professionals to occasionally come in and undo the damages done over the years. Call us today for the most dependable, reliable and affordable exterior cleaning services in the city.

man on ladder cleaning house gutter from leaves and dirt
Cleaning the exterior

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Exterior Cleaning Service

Most homeowners don’t pay as much attention to the exterior of their home as they do to the interior cleaning. The exterior cleaning professionals at KBS Maintenance will help you repair the damage done to your home’s exterior over the years. It is more beneficial to hire exterior cleaning experts because they are more cost effective and reliable than doing it yourself.

While some homeowners have time to devote to cleaning their exteriors, professionals can do a more effective job.

Exterior Cleaning Services

Irrespective of what you want cleaned on the exterior, KBS Maintenance has the right skills, tools and expertise to get the job done in the most professional manner. Here is a brief look at some of the specific exterior cleaning services you can expect to get from us:

Window washing

Windows are part of your exterior and without them, you can forget about the light and conveniences they bring to your business. Call us for safe and reliable window washing services.

Garage Cleaning

With the tough winters, the grime in the garage can soon build up, but we have the right cleaning services to make them go away and leave your garage looking clean and fresh.

Facade Cleaning of Buildings

We can clean the entire exterior of your building front winter dirt, grime, pollution, smog, dust, and restore your building so it looks like new.

Pressure Washing

Pressure wash the exterior of your business or institution so it sparkles for your employees and clients.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Montreal

The façade of your office, commercial building, or warehouse will provide your prospective customers with the first impression of your business. If the building’s awnings, siding, hardscape, or fences appear filthy or tarnished because of algae, mildew, or mold buildup, then hiring us for commercial exterior cleaning in Montreal will be the best thing to do to ensure you are not giving a negative impression of your business to your customers.

Irrespective of whether it is a small store front requiring a minor spruce-up or a large commercial establishment with a big exterior, you can rely on us for any type of commercial exterior cleaning in Montreal. We have the necessary skills to take up any challenging cleaning task that your commercial complex requires. We provide superior results and knowledgeable solutions to our clients.

Commercial Cleaning Services

If you need a complete exterior cleaning solution provider who can tailor the procedures as per your requirement, then you should get in touch with us. We offer customized solutions that meet any specific needs you have.

Apart from cleaning, we also perform disinfection to get rid of microorganisms eating away at and decomposing various surfaces at a rapid rate. Our cleaning and disinfection procedures remove bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms that are present on any surface.

How we can help

We have advanced equipment and tools to provide world-class commercial cleaning services.

We have the required experience and expertise to ensure your parking lot remains clear and there are no debris or unwelcome oil stains.

We make sure that the sidewalks and walkways remain clean and there are no liquid stains or dirt build-up.

All our professionals have completed certification and undergone vetting processes to provide the best service.

Our team is fully insured with necessary general liability and worker’s compensation coverage.

Commercial Exterior Cleaning Services

We offer a diverse range of commercial cleaning services, which include:

Awning Cleaning

Awning helps to improve the aesthetic appeal of your business. Keeping awning clean plays an important role in enhancing the quality perception of your brand. Routine cleaning will significantly reduce the need for awning replacement.

Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning prevents them from breaking or becoming ineffective and saves businesses from facing large repair bills.

Window Cleaning

Customers keep an eye on how the storefront appears for a business. Commercial window cleaning in Montreal ensures your windows always remain sparkling and provides your customers the best first impression.

Roof Cleaning

Irrespective of whether it is an asphalt, metal, wood/cedar, tile/slate, or any other type of roof, rest assured that we have needed expertise to clean any roof with a high degree of dexterity. Stains and dark streaks can cause a buildup of algae and mildew, resulting in extensive damage to your roof and necessitating premature replacement. Our commercial exterior cleaning in Montreal will prevent roof deterioration due to algae and fungus, without causing any kind of damage or drying out the shingles.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is adequate for driveways, fences, sidings, sidewalks, etc. We utilize industrial power pressure washing to achieve the best possible results.

Metal Work Cleaning

Every metal surface requires maintenance on regular basis. Surfaces such as metal frames, window facades, mullions, and window panels are to be cleaned thoroughly and we have the expertise to properly accomplish this task. We have cleaning solutions that are suitable for metal surfaces and are aware of the procedures that are to be followed for the same. Such professional cleaning will provide a polished image of your establishment to your current and prospective clients.

Why Hire Us?

We are the first preference for many establishments when it comes to commercial exterior cleaning in Montreal due to our vast experience and knowledgeable technicians.

The above details should assure you that maintaining your commercial establishment in the right condition becomes possible when you utilize our services for commercial exterior cleaning in Montreal. Our team will make sure that the cleaning is carried out in a very professional manner and completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All you have to do is give us a call on our customer support number and our team will analyze your request, visit your commercial establishment, evaluate the condition, and give you a clear idea of how much time and effort will be required to complete the cleaning work.

Before the work is initiated, we will provide photographs that clearly show the condition building exteriors are in and after work completes, we will share photographs that highlight the post-cleaning improvements that have been achieved.

We have the needed expertise and access to equipment for performing cleaning work in higher sections of a building’s exterior. For instance, our team makes use of suspended platforms, fall protection systems, lifts, rolling towers, ladders, extension devices, and rope access to perform such cleaning work in hard-to-access and high areas, both efficiently and safely.

Our technicians follow all required safety standards and procedures to reduce risks for everyone involved during cleaning work; from the general public to those on the property where cleaning is being performed.

We make sure best results are achieved by following industry standard practices, methods, tools, products, and equipment, which is backed by proper planning and methodical project management and execution.

We perform all the necessary cleaning tasks discreetly to ensure your work does not get hampered. We are available at odd hours, including weekends, to perform commercial exterior cleaning at your establishment.

Whether it is a local business, industrial facility, large commercial establishment, or a campus, we have the necessary expertise to carry out cleaning in the correct manner. We also provide photo documentation so that you can easily examine the before and after pictures to evaluate the quality of work that has performed and the results that have been achieved.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Exterior Cleaner

Professionals provide excellent cleaning that meets industry standards. Different surfaces require different cleaning techniques to renew the structure. The tools used to clean the gutter are different from those used on the walls. Also, a concrete wall requires different tools than wood walls.

Cleaning experts will quickly notice a serious problem on your exterior. What appears to be a small crack may require a full coating. The experts recommend immediate action and will point you to the best experts for the job before the problem gets worse.

 At this point, they determine the cleaning techniques.

With the help of professionals, you can relax and focus on your core business. They come with everything you need.

Climbing a ladder is a casual thing but carrying a lot of cleaning tools and cleaning thoroughly on the ladder can be quite intimidating. The professionals take that risk away from you. They’ve been doing it for years.

In case of an accident, they are insured, and cover property damage caused by the cleaning process.

The experts know how to handle the different challenges of outdoor cleaning. There is no height of home or business exterior that professionals cannot reach. Some use cranes to reach the highest points that ladders cannot.

Also, a home is a place where you shouldn’t worry about catching germs and infections. Pressure washing services from outdoor cleaners are an easy way to regularly disinfect and sanitize your home’s exterior. It keeps your family safe from contamination.


Contact us today if you need these or any other exterior cleaning service. Our team is ready to exceed your expectations with the best cleaning services in town.

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