After Vandalism

KBS Maintenance is your leading provider of graffiti and vandalism cleaning services for both residential and commercial property. Every time your property is vandalized, you want it restored back to its original state as soon as possible to protect your valuables and also to prevent future attacks. With our after vandalism cleaning services, you don’t have to worry or stressed about the cleanup. We are just a phone call away and will always respond promptly.


Don’t delay vandalism cleanup

Whether your home or commercial premises have been victim to physical damages or graffiti attacks, KBS Maintenance has the skills, tools and expertise needed for quick restoration. Following such incidents, it is vital to remove the paint, or any materials left lying on the surfaces so that you can assess the damages. We have the right experts who will not just help in the assessment, but also in the restoration of all the damages caused.

You should never wait long before you call for vandalism cleaning, since the longer you wait, the more you put your home or business premises at risk of further vandalism. If the property is tagged with graffiti, for example, future taggers will be tempted to continue applying more graffiti, leading to more vandalism. Immediate after vandalism cleaning is, therefore, very important to deter further damages by other culprits.

Work with the professionals

Acts of vandalism vary in nature and as such, every after vandalism cleaning will always require a unique approach. For good results, you need to align yourself with experienced cleaning experts who know how to handle just about any kind of after vandalism cleaning.

At KBS Maintenance, we work diligently and keenly to preserve whatever can be salvaged after the vandalism and also help in restoring the premises as soon as possible.


If you are a victim of vandalism, we invite you to call us immediately for after vandalism cleaning to help restore your premises back to normal as soon as possible.

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