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Structural Drying

Structural Drying

Water damage could happen to your home or business at any time and without any warning. A leaking pipe, a backed up toilet or sink, or a patch of  ice on the roof could cause damages you never imagined within the premises.

Irrespective of the cause, it is imperative to have rapid structural drying to get everything restored to its original state with minimal time and money for the restoration process. At KBS Maintenance, we provide reliable structural drying services you can call at any time you experience water damage.

Our efficient process of structural drying

It is possible to let the structures dry on their own after water damage, but this is never the right solution as delayed drying of the structures may lead to their further deterioration, thus affecting their integrity in the process.

If drying is not done at the right time, you may be faced with expensive repairs and maintenances. However, our efficient structural drying services are designed to shield you from such inconveniences, featuring the following:

  • Active water extraction with special tools and equipment
  • Faster evaporation of moisture with efficient air movers
  • Dehumidification of the air to stop any secondary damages from happening
  • Ensuring the ideal temperature necessary for dehumidification and evaporation

In other words, our structural drying approach is designed to quickly and efficiently restore your structures to their original state before the water damage.

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Modern technology for structural drying

At KBS Maintenance, we have invested in only modern equipment and technology for our structural drying services. Ours is not just to make the waters in the structures to go away, but also do so efficiently and safely without compromising the integrity of the structures. We adhere to the approved standards and scientifically proven methods in offering our services, so that we get the best possible results.

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