Post Construction Cleaning in Montreal

There are many reasons why a company may need to perform after construction cleaning or post-construction cleaning in Montreal, including the construction of a new site, new addition, or a partial remodel.

After construction cleaning can be a small or large job, depending on the amount of work being done. The process involves removing dust, debris, and other materials left behind after construction is complete.

It is necessary to be very accurate and examine every nook and cranny to ensure that all debris has been removed. This includes the ceiling, light fixtures, fans, and all trim including ceilings, bathrooms, window washing, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, doors, and window frames.

So, it is important that this deep cleaning should be done by a professional cleaning team.

after construction cleaning

Brilliant Cleaning

This process takes place at the end of a project. The commercial cleaning team is the very last person to enter the building before the client moves in – and that’s who you want. The KBS Cleaning team prioritizes attention to detail so you can make a real impact.

The benefits of these cleanings are considerable – your project will be the cleanest it has ever been and our team will handle everything so professionally that you won’t need to get involved. Your client will soon be moving into a clean, tidy, and shiny new building.

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction and renovation projects are known to generate large amounts of waste, which ought to be safely disposed of, and the premises cleaned before they are occupied again. Depending on the project, the nature and the content of the waste will vary, and since business owners are not equipped with the necessary tools to undertake the magnitude of cleaning required, it makes sense to hire a professional post construction cleaning service provider.


Advantages of Cleaning Construction Sites

Construction projects are messy activities. That’s why it’s necessary to implement a comprehensive after construction cleaning and renovation program to remove all debris and dust generated by a construction project. Construction cleanup is beneficial for everyone:

checkmarkIt gets rid of dust in the air and removes debris that could be a potential hazard.

checkmarkFirst impressions count. Many people are likely to see the project in progress, so it is important that the initial image is positive. It will also help you and the client see the building in the best light.

checkmarkIt is easier to start the next phase of construction or renovation work with a clean site, which guarantees fast and efficient installations.

After construction cleaning of a large project is a job all its own. If your team is not up to the task or if you need to start your next project right away, you can count on the quality service of one of the best cleaning companies like KBS Cleaning to provide effective post construction cleaning Montreal for any project.

We are happy to be your partner in commercial building projects and finish a job well done by your contractors.

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Post Construction Cleaning Services

At KBS Maintenance, we specialize in a wide range of cleaning services for demolition, renovation and construction projects. We have the skills, expertise and the necessary tools and machinery to affect any type of post-construction cleaning buildings. Here are some of the features you can expect to discover when using our services:

Free no-obligation estimates

Heavy machinery available

Hand labor offered by trained professional

Honest and highly competitive rates

No hidden fees

Reliable customer care services

Flexible service delivery schedules

No Job Too Big or Small Industries We Service

Commercial (businesses)



Institutional Services

Shopping Centres

Retail Stores

Industrial Plants

Construction Sites




Government Institutions

Condo Associations

We are well equipped to undertake just about any type of demolition, renovation and construction cleanup. We acknowledge that some of the waste generated throughout such projects, is harmful, hence the required special attention during collection and disposal. This is why we will always ensure safety first regarding every project we undertake. With our versatility, we can remove and clean materials such as brass, steel, wood, copper tubing, wires and any other trash such projects can generate.

Waste Management Solutions

Additionally, our cleaning services are available for all kinds of projects, including but not limited to office demolition cleanup, warehouse renovation cleanup, building remodeling cleanup, garage teardowns and much more.

We can also provide you with waste management solutions to help gather the waste for efficient disposal during the project. Whether you need dumpsters or garbage collection bins, we are just the right people to consult regarding your requirements.


Give us a call today for more details, if you need any of our post construction cleaning services. We are eager to discuss your requirements with you, and look forward to providing you with the best cleanup services.

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