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Odor Removal Services

Odor Removal Services

Odors can be tough to remove. Sometimes they are so persistent that most people prefer to cover them up with air fresheners instead of tackling them with a permanent solution. At KBS Maintenance, we can make any home or building odor disappear permanently.

We know how to locate the specific sources of the odors and deal with them head-on. Therefore, if you have been bothered by an objectionable odor within your living spaces, give us a call today for a permanent solution.

No odor is too strong for us

At KBS Maintenance, we can remove just about any odor bothering you. Feel free to call us for the following:

Cat and dog urine

If you have pets at home, then this is a common odor you will have to deal with on a regular basis, or until you train your pets appropriately. The smell from cat and dog urine can be very strong and offensive, but you can trust our methods to locate the exact source of the smell and remove it completely.

Cigarette smoke removal

Carpets, furniture and fabrics are the most affected when it comes to cigarette smoke. It may not only  be offensive, but comes with its own set of health hazards, and should thus be eliminated as soon as possible. Call us today if you have stubborn cigarette smoke lingering within your living spaces for an immediate solution.

Odorous or damp areas

You may also suffer from unwanted odors from mold infestation in damp areas within your home. For such, we not only remove the mold, but also clean the place to remove the odor so that your family members can enjoy breathing in clean and fresh air once again.

The other odors we can help you get rid of include smoke odors, odors from chemicals and detergents, garbage, and animal wastes amongst others.

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Call us today if you need these or any other type of odor removal or smoke odor removal in Montreal.

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