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At KBS Maintenance, we can remove just about any odor bothering you. Feel free to call us for the following:

Odorous or damp areas

You may also suffer from unwanted odors from mold infestation in damp areas within your home. For such, we not only remove the mold, but also clean the place to remove the odor so that your family members can enjoy breathing in clean and fresh air once again.

The other odors we can help you get rid of include smoke odors, odors from chemicals and detergents, garbage, and animal wastes amongst others.

Girl having problems taking the smell out of an old rug

Odors can be tough to remove. Sometimes they are so persistent that most people prefer to cover them up with air fresheners instead of tackling them with a permanent solution. At KBS Maintenance, we can make any home or building odor disappear permanently.

We know how to locate the specific sources of the odors and deal with them head-on. Therefore, if you have been bothered by an objectionable odor within your living spaces, give us a call today for a permanent solution.

Demystifying Odor Removal

Odors are common in homes and offices. Some unpleasant home smells call for the use of air fresheners. Foul odors become a concern when they are tough to eliminate. There are various sources of odors in homes: damp areas, fire smoke, or untraceable sources within the house.

Importance of Odor Removal

Improves your interior detail before selling or after buying a property. An odor removal service in Montreal is a wise service to request when buying or selling a property. An odor removal service penetrates through surfaces and materials in detail.

Odor removal by professionals protects your family. The home odor could cause respiratory infections that could lead to severe diseases.

Common Odor Sources

Biological Matter

Biological materials like bodily fluids produce a foul smell. They are biohazardous materials and could cause serious concerns if improperly tampered with. Professional cleaners use proper clothing and facemasks when dealing with biohazard matter.

Fire and Smoke Damage

If you were recently a victim of a fire outbreak, it is likely that smoke particles are still present in the environment. The smoke odor can persist over time, even after the fire incident renovation. Professionals use different chemicals, disinfectants, and detergents when performing an after-fire cleaning.

Water and Mold Damage

After water restoration, mold can germinate within 24 hours. Mold causes more harm to your home or business environment. The room appears stuffy and has a moldy odor. Use clean water and soap to wash away the mold. Prevent further mold growth by keeping the room’s humidity level low.

Benefits of Professionals Odor Removal Services

odor removal

Odor removal companies use advanced equipment for efficient odor removal services. Different odors require different measures. Professional smoke odor removal services analyze the source of the odor to determine the proper cleaning technique.

If you do not address the source, odor will continue to damage your home’s air quality. Professionals identify the source of the odor and clean it up.

Professional odor removers help identify and remove odor in both residential and commercial setups. They will use proper cleaning techniques to ensure the odor is gone for good. They will completely eliminate these odors, leaving you a clean and refreshing home environment.

Professionals will also save time. Odor removal professionals have the correct machines to suck outback odor from a vehicle or a house. It would take you a lot of time to identify the source. Rest assured, with professional services; you can safely eliminate odor in its entirety.

Odor Removal Techniques


Ozone is a way to deodorize and destroy bacteria molecules and other microorganisms producing odor. Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. The chemical overreacts with anything it comes across and distorts its atomic molecule.

Hydroxyl Generator Technology

This is a molecule made of a combination of hydrogen and oxygen atomic combination. The molecule eliminates any contaminants by distorting their molecular form.

Thermal Flogging

Thermal fogging neutralizes odor particles. The technique is an effective means to eliminate nontoxic smoke odors.


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